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Medical Mistress.

I'm indulging my blood letting fetish this week....and when I say blood letting, it's certainly not me letting. I've indulged in some venepuncture of the old fashioned kind. The kind that uses a needle and a syringe, the kind that takes a bit of time to draw the blood, time taken to enjoy the experience of watching my syringe slowly fill up with my patients blood until I'm satisfied he has given me enough. In this picture I've only taken 15-20mls....3 or 4 teaspoonfuls. Hardly enough for his circulation to notice, but enough for him to feel himself giving up to me. I love when I can feel it in my hands still nice and warm. Who needs a hot water bottle when I've got a syringe full of blood! In other news I've recently managed to get my hands on some very very hard core needles. They are big bad biopsy needles....the kind that make Hercules faint! See below. I've got a few ideas on how best to use these needles but if anyone else would like to mak

Maid Smart (Part 2)

The knock comes after 10 minutes but I keep her waiting. Eventually she is instructed to enter. She is trained well enough to present herself accordingly. I proceed to inspect the rest of her uniform. On top of her underwear she has a white long maid's coat, fastened up to the collar, a regulation uniform belt and court shoes. Her seems still appear straight so I'm pleased. It's been a few months since her last treatment so I decide to start with an initial medical. She is directed over to the medical bench where her pulse is taken, blood pressure checked, heart rate and rhythm checked. Her pulse shows a tachycardia, I want to find the reason for this. I suspect it's sub clinical and totally psychological but continue with the observations to rule out a physical cause. I adjust her corselette to give me access to her chest wall. Passing the stethoscope over her chest she takes large deep breaths, the stethoscope is cold. I know this as I keep it deliberately cold. She

The training of Maid Smart (Part 1)

It's been a 3 year training programme and now we are almost at the stage of graduating. Graduating into the totally servile and obedient eunuch maid for my purpose. Today we are going to continue with the last of my medical procedure to castrate my maid by chemical and electrical means. On entering the chambers smart is commanded to go into the punishment room and get into uniform. This consists of a white corselette, black seemed stockings, and black shoes. I intend to inspect her and invade her before the remaining uniform is applied. Left alone she starts to undress. As I enter the room smart curtsey's. I'm pleased. I walk over to inspect her uniform so far. Before checking her stocking seems though, there is something in need of my attention. There appears to be some life left in the erectile tissue despite my last treatment being thorough and rigorous. I'm not best pleased. The treatments today may have to be more severe in nature. I decide an electrical butt

Welcome back?

This might well end up a bit of a meandering blog, but hey it's my prerogative! Deciding to session with someone is not just as quick and easy as someone getting in touch, and me giving them a time and place, though some think that is all the effort required. There is quite a bit of effort required on both sides. From the subs point of view, I want to know that he has researched properly and decided that our interests not only match but our idea of Female Dominance match. Whether I agree is another matter, but at least there is some evidence that there has been a thought process to this. All well and good. I also need to know they have realistic expectations of what a session, or even what a long term serving arrangement could bring to both of our lives. Some people really have only the notion of here and now and fulfilling a need for instant gratification. I would find these encounters empty so I'm not that interested in interacting with someone on that level. The effort on