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A Sneak Peek

At what I do....and how I do it. There are now 3 short video's on my website which appear at the bottom of each page (except the landing page!) These show a little of what I do, how I do it and with what. As to they why...well hopefully it shows in my clips why I do it, because I thoroughly enjoy it. Thanks to my particular bondage bunny who appeared in these clips and for the fun we had, then and now. Here's one of the video's to whet your appetite! You can see all 3 video's by going to my website  HERE! Lady Annisa My Medical Clips4Sale Store

Clarification on Anal Trials

I would like to clarify what I'm looking for with regards to my Anal trials.  Some lovely people have offered but have been just a bit too far away to make the arrangements work. Here are the criteria. 1. You must be experienced with anal (large dildo degree!) 2. You must be fairly flexible with your availability with being able to do short notice being a bonus. 3. You must be fairly local to be able to fit criteria 2. Other factors to bear in mind. There is obviously no tribute expected for your/my time. This is not a filming opportunity, just an anal trial so there will be no other person involved. In return you will be rewarded with my sparkling wit and personality, oh and maybe some homemade lemon drizzle cake! (I bet the lemon drizzle cake is the deal clincher!) Get in touch via my website for more info if you think this may be of interest. Lady Annisa My Medical Clips4Sale Store

For Those Missing The Bondage....

Here is a little bondage thematic for you to enjoy. All of these pictures with the exception of the one with me in it were taken during normal sessions with the kind permission of my willing bondage bunny. So bear in mind that the photography is not professional, just the bondage! I deliberately didn't add music to this to make it a little bit more discreet to view. Thanks to all those who come and submit their body and mind to give me the buzz and thrill I get from bondage in all forms. Let me know if you spot yourself and I hope you enjoy! Lady Annisa My Medical Clips4Sale Store

Enema Antics

I've wanted to write about enema treatments for a while and now seems like a good time after recently advertising for an anal slut to help with some anal treatment trials. I have to clarify first for anyone who may be confused. I've been looking for someone who can try out a new piece of equipment namely my f machine but the person I'm looking for needs to be able to take a decent amount of stretching in the anal department.  I've got one or two massive attachments I want to use and to see the best speeds and depths to use them at. Some people have been confused and wondered if this was a filming opportunity. Unfortunately it's not, but should still be fun none the less. So that brings me onto enemas. I've got years and years and even more years than I care to remember of experience with enemas. There are two basic types of enema given. These fall into either given for mechanical purposes or for medicinal purposes. Let me talk a bit about both types and why

Anal Medical Trials

I'm on the look out for an anal slut for some very extensive medical trails. I require someone who has a fair amount of experience in the anal department so to speak. I'm running medical experiments at my clinic and need someone who is able to take the required treatments and give feedback on the treatment and results. I cannot over emphasise how the person I'm looking for really needs to be experienced and can take a fair amount as well as being fairly flexible with timings. Please bear in mind before applying that although these trials will take place in my Edinburgh Clinic, this will not be like a normal medical session. I will not be in nurse uniform and you will not be receiving any other treatments when you are in the clinic. If interested then make contact with me via my medical website  here  stating Anal Medical Trials on your contact form. These trials are being started ASAP so first come first treated as far as suitable patients are concerned. Lady Anni