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Not sessioning.

Unfortunately I've had some very bad news. For the time being I'm cancelling sessions and will probably be unavailable for the next 2 weeks at least. I won't be answering any calls and only occasionally checking my mail. Any existing clients are, as always, welcome to email me in the meantime.

Tinkerings of sorts

Having been pointed in the direction of a new blog, I noticed that blogger has some new features since I last had time to wander about in the back room. It's been fun this morning adding other little bits to my blog that has taken my fancy. So now I've got a stat counter...go me 41,000 visitors...woooohooo! And also a little link to the most popular posts. This one is odd, it's not the posts that get the most comments or the ones that I think will be most interesting...but there ya go, I'm not such a know it all as I think! I'll live with these changes for a day or so and see if I still like them. Not sure if it makes my page look all a bit too busy. Time will tell. I shall wander back every now and then to get a feel for the new look. In the meantime I might write a new blog.

Short Break

I'm taking a short break at the end of this month to go walking and take in some scenery. I'll be unavailable for sessions from Thursday 28th July until Tuesday 2nd August inclusive. This weekend I'll be visiting the   BBB again and hoping to get my hands on some more devilish pieces of equipment to torture and torment you all with!

What's in a Review.

I've recently had 2 new reviews done of session I've had, both on external Mistress boards. Over the years I've had around 6 external reviews done. The latest one is here if you'd like to read it. On all but one occasion, each of the posters sent me the review beforehand and asked if I wanted to change anything. I have to say, I find this a bizarre concept. I'm always grateful if anyone wants to write a review, and even more so if that review is favourable. The reason for that is not the obvious one of drumming up business (as the only full time Mistress in Edinburgh with any sort of presence, I really have no need to drum up business in that sense). The main reason is that I'm always more than happy for someone to convey my style of sessioning in a different way from what has already been said on my website. This is in the hope that the people who I really want to session with, those that will really get my style, those that really understand my take on Fe

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