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Busy with Bondage Adventures

Oh and other stuff. I've had a mad crazy time of it over the past few weeks. As my readers know I had a visit from The Hunteress  and we invited suitable candidates to come and entertain us, or at least let us entertain ourselves with them. That surely happened. From a rather intense interrogation scene, to ballbusting, Cp, sissy humiliation and much more. I have to tell you I had a well earned rest for a day or so once my visitor had gone. I'm not sure how long it took our gentlemen to recover though. Things were so full on and so involved I didn't even get a chance to take any in session photographs...never mind, next time. And talking of next time, we were quite busy this time and one or two gentlemen never got a chance to book in a session with us so we've decided to repeat the experience again in the summer. We are looking at perhaps July time, so if you want to be considered you best register your interest early! My next adventure involves one of my bondage