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You can't always get what you want

But sometimes....just sometimes, what you get is just what you want or need. I've got a fairly new (six months or so) slut that I'm enjoying playing with. Where we are now with our play is very far removed in one respect from where we started, but in another we are just exactly where we started. Let me explain. I feel headspace wise we are far removed from where we started, the physical activities are much the same as where we started though we are moving things up a gear every time we session. To get the full picture I have to go back to the beginning. When we first started corresponding about sessioning he admitted he had never seen a Mistress before but had a fair bit of experience with certain activities with a partner and hoped to expand on this. He certainly seemed submissive and wanted to submit. All well and good. Our interests match, we sessioned and both of us had a great time. We seemed to have a good chemistry that worked for both of us in session. He wrote some

Above and beyond the call of duty!

How do you like my rather sexy, fetching stockings? For the first time ever I put myself into the hands of others and gave up control (only slightly!) while I participated in indulging in my medical fetish from the other side of the bedsheets. Yes, for the first time ever I was a patient! All in all it's been actually quite a positive experience. I was in theatre for just over 3 hours, which was longer than anticipated but then I'm never one to be very compliant. Was fully awake within an hour or so and was participating in giving my own anticoagulation injections before the evening was out. I was even planning on removing my own sutures when the time comes until I discovered the Surgeon kindly put in dissolving sutures to make a nicer, neater scar. I knew there was a reason I picked that particular Surgeon, she wants to make my wound site as aesthetically pleasing as possible. I strongly suspect she is a perfectionist which is quite handy for the career she has, indeed!

Well that was 2011, Hello 2012

Like most people, the end of the year brings a bit of reflection of what's gone on in the last year, the ripple effects and how that shapes their future. I've had probably the most turbulent year of my existence so far. Without trying to sound all Pwincess like, I do mostly live a charmed life. I like it, it suits me and there is not much I can complain about. However, as I said it's been a topsy turvy year for me. The biggest event was losing someone very close to me, very suddenly. As the months have passed things have become easier, but the first Christmas, the first New Year and all the other firsts brings it home to me, him not being here. Having said that life goes on, everyone loses someone close at some point in their lives. I refuse to feel sorry for myself. I also refuse to say what a terrible year it's been. Yes, I've been devastated by events but time is a continuum and life events wax and wane giving us an opportunity to look at life, what it means