Friday, 12 November 2010

Experimenting with Chastity.

Recently I had decided to put one of my slaves into a chastity device prior to his session for a short period. We had never explored it before but had discussed it. Now was a perfect opportunity for both of us. He was going to be taking some time away from work and I was going to be in the near vicinity if an emergency arose and he needed out of it. Being the key holder with just one key meant I had control and could still make the decision about when and if he got out. So the short period before his session went without a hitch. I used the CB2000 which fitted him perfectly. I've tried it before with someone else who has a tight scrotum so it was not ideal for him unfortunately. Anyway, my particular slave on this occasion managed it well with no major complaints. There was only slight discomfort at times when trying to bend down in tight trousers etc. When it came time for him to present himself at my premises he walked gingerly up the stairs and into the chambers, while I had fun smiling. I needed him to do some chores for me before we started, one of which was to go into the loft. I realised that he would find it very difficult to climb in through the small space and crawl about up there with the device on, so as a caring Mistress (being all heart and all that) I let him out of the device a tiny bit earlier than planned. Though I did attach a ball cuff to make sure he still felt tied up.

After the chores, he was thrown into a shower with the ball cuff still on and made to make himself squeaky clean for me to start having my wicked way with him. The main activity of this session was to continue the chastity but not by mechanical, this was going to be by physical means. I planned to give him a scrotal infusion, but not the usual 500mls, I wanted to give him 1000mls. Given his short holiday from work and his free diary this was going to be the perfect opportunity. However, being an impatient Missy, I did not want to faff about with doing 500mls (I've only got the 500ml bags at the moment) then changing bags to give the second one, so I opted to do 2 infusions running simultaneously, one in either ball sack. This worked perfectly and the time it took to infuse the solution into my labrat I spent on some rather interesting anaesthetic role play with my new bubble bottle, new rebreather combo and my secret solution for inducing amnesia. This enabled Nasty Nurse to have her wicked way with him, and he would have no recollection of the events. Now my dear reader, the details of what happened are for only me to know and for him to try to remember!

 Before the infusion, I decide to give the patient a shave.


 Surgery in progress!

The procedure gets under way.


Almost there, and the weight of the balls is almost pulling the cannula out. I think 1 litre is just about enough!

 The finished article.

In the suspension sling, a perfect target.

 Waiting to be tortured.....well that's what I see!

So, you're probably wondering how a scrotal inflation enables chastity. Well lets face it, no bugger is going to manage a wank with that walnut whip sized cock, not at least until the swelling has gone down. And for my won't go down for another 48-72 hours.

I decided to take quite a few pictures to chart my success with the first 1 litre of saline I've infused and then afterwards took him into the dungeon to be the first to use my suspension sling (I'm not sure he was glad he had gone into the loft to do the last final touches to the suspension now). Especially not since I decided to make that large mono sack the object of my flogging/slapping and cropping!


  1. Dear Lady Annisa,does scrotal infusion have any health benefits. I have heard of therapies using sub-dermal injections of saline solutions of nutrients and vitamins. What are your thoughts on this?

  2. If it had any health benefit I would not do it. The sub in question is meant to be suffering for me. In the end if he enjoys the sensation of his balls being stretched and the added weight then so be it, but it's not my primary objective to service his wants or desires. My clinic therapies are first and foremost for my amusement and enjoyment. I don't do therapies I don't get something out of, so that would exclude anything that is for health benefit.

  3. I have to agree I would not want to go for a" treatment," it would sound like a new age health spar. I would put my self in Lady Annisa's hands being scared but 100% trust that Lady Annisa might bend and bruise me but not break me.