I Produce Porn…For Payment

Some might not look upon my clips as porn. However for the sake of this blog I do. I produce clips that people like to buy for various reasons which means they have a liking for medical fetish themes.

Some of these themes are quite general like a medical examination and some are very specific like scrotal inflation. Some people like all things medical and some people have a real full on kink for one aspect and that aspect alone.

When your medfet kink is general then you can surf the net to your hearts content looking for and at general medical themes. Wherever you look, clip sites, member sites or free tube sites you will always find what you are looking for.

When your 'thing' is a little more niche then, as you would imagine, it gets a little bit harder to find. You really need to trawl quite a bit to find what you are after and even then you need to perhaps spend some time weeding out the poor quality from what would be considered worth paying for. I understand this process very well and the need to be discerning about what you pay for. With this in mind though I'm very well pissed off with people who maintain they love what I produce but have never paid for it. This is a real slap in the face. I've no idea what some people think is the process of producing said clips is. But it's certainly not done on a whim with no preparation, thought, monetary investment or creativity. All of the aforementioned goes in to each clip in bucketloads.

This particular rant has followed on from someone contacting me to say they are my biggest fan. They love what I do, they love that I've invested so much in my medical room and they love that I can make my clips so realistic. Yeh, that's the experience of 25 years of being a real bona fide Nurse. I even have the scars to prove it. I spent a long time getting that experience and I'm told it shows in my clips. Anyway, I've digressed. He then goes on to tell me he's never actually paid for a clip, just found them a bit here and there online. He also loves my medical pictures I put up on Fetlife and twitter. So basically he is a freeloader, who is too cheap to pay for his fetish but will happily watch stolen content. He is happy to perpetuate a problem that some sections of society have in paying a fair amount for what they consume and are more than happy to rip off the producer in that process.

Well apart from the fact you are effectively stealing hard earned money from the producer, you are adding to the problem and also adding to the likelihood of them deciding they will stop producing that content.

So lets go back to how difficult it is to come by that content. Remember how your niche fetish is very rarely covered by the majority of producers, and the ones who do it are not doing it to your liking (No judgement on other producers here, I'm just acknowledging that when watching porn of any nature the viewer will have preferences which cannot be quantified nor specified in any meaningful way). So before you go ahead and perpetuate the theft of content please bear in mind that by doing so, your favourite producer who you never help contribute to in any way may just stop making the stuff to get your rocks off to because you are too mean to pay £5 or so for their time, effort, creativity and experience.

This doesn't just go for what I produce. If you enjoy someones work and would like them to continue then please consider buying their clips, supporting them on platforms like patreon/onlyfans or requesting a session or custom clip. When Mistresses/producers feel unappreciated it's highly likely they will wander off and spend their time doing stuff that is appreciated.

Lady Annisa.

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  1. LA's Pavlov Sub20 June 2018 at 21:03

    We can all do more to appreciate the creative people whose work we enjoy. But if that creative work is something you can pay directly for... we should definitely pay up. That's table stakes. And I'm sure those creative people welcome a little something on top - ko-fi, wishlists or whatever works!

  2. This post has obviously nudged a few people in the right direction as my clips sales have almost doubled this month. Some people have a guilty conscience, so if that's you, you can redress the balance by doing as previously mentioned and gift me something from my wishlist to compensate. Be a good chap!

  3. Very nice Lady Annisa, "keep up" the good work.


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