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This blog post is going to be a bit of an update. There are a few things going on in the next month or so that I'd rather get down in a post than individually post about on twitter. Posts get lost and some of my chaps don't read twitter, they only look out for my blog.

I'm still away on holiday. I'm travelling on a train today so thought I'd take the time to write a blog post and be productive in between watching the lovely scenery go by. 

The fist thing is my visit from Mog whom I've done double sessions with in the past. We work really well together as D/D or D/s scenarios. The main thing for me is to have fun and my Dungeon Cat certainly brings the fun element to sessions. They will be here for the week beginning 24th September up until around the 29th. My birthday as you will no doubt be aware is the 30th so all sessions that week will be with birthday celebrations in mind. I'm thinking cake, candles and birthday whippings (for you).

On that note. Those who would like to get me a birthday gift can head over to my Amazon Wishlist Here. I'm away at the moment but fear not, I have a cat sitter going in daily so any parcels will be picked up in time for me to be pleasantly surprised on my return. 

Next is my visit to Manchester to see one of my long term chaps who can no longer make the trip to Edinburgh. I've build in time for a few other sessions so now there is only one slot left on the afternoon of October the 10th. Get in touch via my website if you'd like to be considered for a session. 

Next is some rather monumental news that some people will be delighted by. The Hunteress is going to be visiting Edinburgh and possibly Glasgow mid October. Dates TBC but will probably be 15th-17th. Get in touch early as this is a flying visit and we have a lot of catching up to do. She really needs no introduction as the best CP specialist the UK has seen. However, there are many strings to her bow and many other session scenarios are considered. Again we work well together playing you off against each other and having lots of fun at your expense, as you can see!

Last but not least my febsub who visits me regularly for some very heavy CP has expressed an interest in double sessions with you guys. I've had people ask over the years if she would be interested in doing sessions with a male sub too. She is very submissive to me, but not to anyone else so we always discounted doing any together. However,  I've been approached a few times now regarding voyeur sessions and after some thought she is keen to do these. They would be sessions where there is no physical interaction between yourself and her. I get to dominate you both, primarily doing CP on her and anything I like with you. If you would like to be considered for this type of session do get in touch. Please note, there will be an extra tribute for her time etc.

Here are some recent pics of our sessions. No doubt you will have enjoyed seeing them on twitter already but don't let that stop you thinking about my femsub being able to take a level of CP you can only dream of!

I think that may be all my news for today. As you would expect I'm not taking calls while I'm on holiday but I'm still keeping up with my mail. I've got a busy few weeks when I get back and need to be organised.

In the meantime, keep kinky!

Lady Annisa.

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  1. This is a lot of news! A double session with Lady Annisa and a collaborator (or collaboratrix) is quite something, if anyone's wondering...


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