Time spent with Mog and I

Below is a review of a session with myself and Mog. I find these sessions so much fun and get a lot of enjoyment and entertainment from them. Mog is visiting again at the end of September, if you would like to be our plaything, to be prodded, poked, amusingly abused and used then feel free to get in touch. Oh and enjoy the review. 

The Power Of Two

When Mog entered the room, I was had already been strapped to the chair for a while.  Very few of us expect to meet someone for the first time naked but for a chastity cage, hands and feet buckled down, eyes wide and helpless, but Lady Annisa specialises in introducing her visitors to experiences they never thought they'd have.  Today would certainly be new to me. 

I had reported to Lady Annisa's premises the day before to be fitted with the chastity device. I would not be in it for very long, just overnight, but it would still serve to remind me that I was hers to control from that moment onwards. So as I travelled to our appointment the next morning, bringing with me some small gifts for Mistress and her Dungeon Cat, I was very aware of the firm pressure the cage exerted.

I knew the metal and leather devices and restraints in the red-walled room well. I had been strapped in to most of them at one time or another. But those experiences had been one to one, just Lady Annisa and myself. Intense, close, spellbinding; when Lady Annisa locks eyes with you from just inches away, the world magically shrinks until it's almost like a cage itself - impossible to escape, impossible to want to escape. I knew what that sorcery felt like, but now here was the Lady's Familiar too, padding in to create a new spell... 

It seemed entirely appropriate that Mog arrived half way through the session, with the insouciance of the sort of cat that you don't own, but who visits occasionally for kibbles and skritches. Lady Annisa left me helpless in the chair while she strapped Mog hand and foot to the wall; taking extra care, given that their feline hyperflexibility makes it very difficult to keep Mog from wriggling themself free. Just the day before, they'd been the first person to escape the chair I was at that moment buckled into. But I was going nowhere.

The next few minutes were a blur of sensation, visual and physical, as Lady Annisa alternated between tormenting us both. I remember Mistress wielding Mog's leather cat-headed flogger - as much a magic wand as an instrument of torture. I was wrapped and unwrapped, pinched and invaded, Mistress's turquoise nails dragging like claws of her own across vulnerable flesh.

Then I was on the floor, Mog's feet padding my head, Lady Annisa's crushing down on my cage. Then, up and bent over the spanking bench. Mistress wanted I think to show Mog another magical fluence she could cast over me, one I had experienced for the first time on my previous visit.  She had flogged my bare arse and I had twisted and flinched and gasped. But then, she had stayed the flogger. Bringing her face close to mine, she spoke, quietly. I can't remember what she said. I can only remember the eyes, her mouth moving, her red lips and perfect teeth. I closed my eyes for a moment. Then the flogging began again. But this time, I was still, quiet, my breathing even, my mind peaceful. Deep in subspace, truly, for the first time. 

And now again. Mog and Lady Annisa took turns - I think - to flog me. At first, I bucked and flinched. But, soon, again, I was quiet and still. Their voices sounded far away. Time stretched and compressed. I floated. 

Then - the clatter of buckles undone, and I am told to stand.  A challenge, and a switch of roles.  Mistress's disobedient cat needed to be spanked, and she wanted me to do it. Although I do switch, I have never spanked anyone... another new experience. Mog was very patient, but I wasn't, I suspect, very good at it.  Having been walloped into a trance and out again, I was in a whirl between submissive and dominant and my natural lack of co-ordination and hopeless English diffidence combined to make me a tentative flagellor at best. Taking pity on me, Mistress commanded me to comb through her hair, and give Mog's close crop a skritch too... still, I think, I was too tentative even at fulfilling those simple commands. But sometimes even the simplest tasks require practice, and I hope to have the opportunity to do better, one day.

The session ended, and we talked. Both Mog and Lady Annisa are great company; erudite, thoughtful, passionate. I left, as I arrived, caged. I would receive a message later that permitted my release. 

What is it like to submit to such extraordinary people? And they are extraordinary - if you follow them on Twitter, or Fetlife, or in Mog's case Purpleport,  you'll know that, but they are every bit the match in person. I knew that spending time with two such expert, devious, smart, humane, kinky folk would be different from a session with one. But I had not expected that difference would be so transforming, disorientating, surprising.  The intensity you see in the pictures of Lady Annisa and Mog together is absolutely there in person, but more than that, they understand how to get into your head. They will ill-use your body, but they'll also bewitch your mind.  So if you choose to experience that rare power yourself, and I would strongly recommend you do, prepare to surrender to their irresistible magic, and be transformed by it.

Lady Annisa.

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  1. This was a marvellous session with multitalented Lady Annisa and Mog. I can heartily recommend - 10/10 would submit again.


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