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Because we have an extra hour....

Here is something to spend a few of those extra 60 minutes on.......Enjoy

However, if you like your fetish and D/s a little less polished you might.........Enjoy this

A sneak preview

Just thought I'd give a little taster of the new pictures I've had done recently. As stated before I'm still not showing my face. This has been something widely discussed on Professional Domination fora, the pro's and con's of such. I made my decision a long time ago due to personal reasons not to show my face. Those reasons don't wholly apply any more. I could in essence put my face pictures up without too much stress to myself. However, I'm not in a hurry to do so and here's why. I've found in the last couple of years that not having my face on my website is not in the least bit of a hindrance. The people that I want to session with, and therefore want to appeal to, put far more emphasis on what I say on my website than what I look like in principle. Obviously they get a hint of what my figure is like, how I like to dress in session, how I hold myself, but no facial features. My website and what I say, I hope puts across far more of what I'm l…

Foot Fetishists Fayre

Whilst sorting out my photographs from my recent trip to Berlin I came across a little folder I've been adding to every now and then. To be honest I'd forgotten all about it and had not added much in a while. As you can no doubt guess it's a shoe/boot folder. A folder with some shots from session, taken from the sub's POV, not something I'm inclined to put on my website as they just don't make the grade, but worth admiring all the same. I have a particular passion for shoes with stiletto heels, the kind that lend themselves nicely to slipping into a slave's mouth for some worship, or indeed other areas. I was chatting to a very hard core CBT enthusiast in Berlin who has had his mistress insert her stiletto heel into his urethra, with protection on of course. He sent me the link to the picture and sure enough that lovely stiletto is nestled securely in his urethra. Something I'm going to have to try sometime, though I'm a bit concerned re cross infec…

Pervery on the go!

I'm just about recovered from my late nights living it up in Berlin. I'm getting too old for silly o' clock bedtimes 4 nights in a row. My travelling companion is just ever so slightly older than me and managed it well, so there is hope for me that with more exposure to this I can cope a bit better......with that in mind I'm planning my next trip to the Fetish Capital of Europe....:)

I won't bore you, my dear reader with all the ins and outs of my time in Berlin. Suffice to say, we managed to live it up in bars/clubs at night, do a bit of pervy shopping during the day and still manage to do the main vanilla sites in the city. Though, due to my travel companion being a bit of a "dafty" there were one or two places of interest we did not quite make it to. Lesson learnt on my part, if you want anything done right, do it yourself!

So I'm home now, with a few more toys to play with. A few Cp bits and pieces as well as a lovely new sling for my suspension.…

Pictures, Videos and Non Consensual Pain!

The picture above is from a recent session. I'm enjoying breath play a lot more these days. Though I don't use chemicals (not knocking it, it's just not for me), you can still get quite spacey from breath restriction, forced breathing, rebreathing and even nebuliser's all good fun. It's another way for me to get close to my subs, get to look into their eyes, and make them look into mine as I see them getting whoozy.

Part of today was spent on a fetish photoshoot. I had great fun with some new outfits and a good few of my toys (My Latex Lovers will be pleased). The photographer is amazing and did some really cool things with the shots. I'm looking forward to seeing what the end result is like. Don't get too excited though, I'm still headless, but lets face it, it's the cleavage you all look at first anyway!!!

Always remember, if you look at my cleavage I'm not happy, if you don't look at my cleavage I'm not happy! Mistress i…

My Human Pinata

I had fun hitting him with a stick!

I'm liking

My new ankle suspension cuffs. Makes for a very vulnerable position to have someone in. Once you lose the boxer shorts there is no hiding place and I can certainly get good access for a little spot of CBT. I'm still waiting on the wrist cuffs being made as I asked for one or two adjustments to them. Once they arrive there will be even more possibilities for me to enjoy myself.

The Lure of Latex

I know I've written about this before. However, I'm Domme, I'm allowed to repeat myself. Seriously though, the last time I blogged about latex it was to describe a particular session with rubber treatment. Today I'm more than happy to explore the headspace that latex and rubber can evoke.

For me there are so many things to love about latex, and I'm sure you've heard them all. However to make this blog worth reading it's worth repeating them. The smell firstly is intoxicating, especially if the latex or rubber is new. However, you can prolong that very emotive smell with good care and good quality latex shine. Then of course there is the feel, how it feels against the skin, pulling everything inwards, causing a feeling of restriction, causing the temperature to fluctuate, causing the inhabitant to either perspire enormously, or shiver uncontrollably. The touch, running your hands over either your own body or someone else's in latex can excite the senses …