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Activity V's Control

I'm often asked what is my favourite activity. I'm always at a loss to think of what to reply. I love lots of things, from rope bondage, to medical play, to OTK spanking. However, it's not that I find it so difficult to determine what is my absolute favourite. It's more to do with the fact that the dynamic, control, power, and power transferance is what I'm most interested in. Seeing someones eyes when they acknowledge their submission, and acknowledge your control is a sublime moment. My Dominance is made up of many of these moments. I see it when I have someone in the gynae chair all bandaged up, when all I can see is their eyes, and they communicate with me so well. I know it sounds cliched, which is why I'm reluctant to write about it somewhat, but I get asked so often this vital question. Sessions that are activity led can be restricing and repetitive. Give me someone who knows what their limits are, then leaves the rest up to me and I'm in heaven. I w…

Website updates and photoshoots.

As you may know, I recently launched my new medical site. Due to this, I've been very busy, therefore, my main site has been neglected somewhat. I've had a backlog of feedback that people are keen to see on the site. I have information that is now outdated (the information regarding the schoolroom especially) and I've got some photographs that are now out of date too (the ones showing the old medical set-up). Hopefully all that is now being addressed. I spent a good few hours yesterday with a slave giving him lots of direction regarding the text, moving pictures, new pictures and general layout. I don't think many people will notice a huge difference, just subtle tweaking I'm sure. It's not so easy trying to do the changes via email, so yesterday was one of the first opportunities we had to get together for that. Fingers crossed it won't be too long until those changes go live and I can be happy that both sites are up to date and just the way I want them.

Consent and Confidentiality

I'm very conscious of confidentiality, given I don't show my face. I like to show the same courtesy to my lovely models who contribute to my fun in session and my ramblings here. Everyone who appears on these pages has given their permission for their pictures to appear. I always vet the pictures carefully to make sure there are no identifiable features. I'm also quite careful in what I disclose about our sessions, I don't disclose enough detail of someones likes or dislikes for anyone else to identify them should they wish to try to play detective. Of course, should anyone change their mind at a later date about being included in these blogs, then they are all aware that I'd respect their privacy and remove any posts/pictures or details. My problem now is not that I don't have enough willing volunteers to be included in the pictures, it's that I've got too many. Everyone wants to see their picture up there. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life!

Various Stages of Rubber Treatment.

This particular rubber patient submitted to my desires to have him in his full rubber catsuit, shined up beautifully, while I was suitably clad in my rather tight blue Nurses Dress. He was firstly treated in the dungeon to a liberal dose of my new rubber bag hood. Then once he had become accustomed to the lovely latex newness smell, it was into the treatment room for some restictive hooding and breathplay, coupled with an oral exam, lots of differing gags, latex inhalation therapy, and finally some dental treatment. He was finally discharged with some home care advice and follow up appointment made for review of these treatments. The only disappointment I have with these pictures is, I was having so much fun with the hoods I forgot to shine them up and make them as glossy as the suit....tut tut! I can feel the wrath of hard-core rubberists as I hang my head in shame.

Time for your Treatment!

My new Clinic has opened and has already been successfully consulting, examining, treating and then discharging those who seek a more relaxed and convenient enviroment than the modern NHS can provide.

I've been enjoying all sorts of medical fetish treatments from sounds, to catheterisation, electrics, sutures and breath control. I'm sure my patients have enjoyed them too. Certainly they all had a clean bill of health when I discharged them.

Details of my new clinic can be found here

View From the Inside Out

This is the view from the inside of my cell, when not hooded or blindfolded of course. I'm reliably informed that once the cell door and outer door is closed, the darkness descends and does not let up. Given that it's totally black inside, mostly there is no need for a hood. However, I just like to hood my captives to add to the experience. So, what does Mistress get up to while you're her captive in the cell? Mostly, if I'm truthful I get bored when I'm not doing bad things and interacting with my victims. I don't mind admitting it. So if you have a fantasy that Mistress is enjoying her time away from you being dismissive of you and your existance then I'm going to disappoint and interrupt that fantasy. I usually spend the time getting set up for what I want to do to you next. Getting out my electrics and all the attachments, laying out one of the bodybags on the rack, or getting the suspension bar ready. So when I eventually do let you out of the cell I …

Isolation, Not for The Faint-Hearted

This is my new Leather Hood from Top To Bottom Leathers. It's called a Controller Hood and is a fully lined, quality leather extreme hood (thanks for the gift my little Bondage Bunny). Now, why is it extreme? Well it's very tight fitting for a start. It has very thick padding and double leather over the ears, so sound is very difficult if not impossible to hear. The lace up closure at the back means it can be tightened once in place to feel extremely tight and restrictive. The eyes are pepper-pot but with the clip on padded blindfold there is no way any light is getting into this baby. The mouth gaurd also ensures no light from there manages to find it's way in. This hood arrived with a lovely breath-through gag attachment which I've not used in this pic, but allows me to take control of breathing while the lucky sub is in it. Add all this in to total enclosure, with the leather body bag, and you have one very intense experience. As I've said, it's not for the …

Lovely Latex

It's not just for me to wear in session...oh no! Despite the recent warm weather the latex still gets an airing in my chambers. I am a member of a forum that asked the question about sessioning in the hot weather and how people feel about it. Well my answer was simple, I live in Scotland, we are the only people looking forward to global warming! In other words, it never gets too warm up here to adversly affect sessions. Even if it did get far too hot for latex, I'm sadistic, it's my prerogative to make my slaves feel uncomfortable for my amusement, and amuse me they do!

Ready for Bastinado

A brilliant position for caning the soles of the feet. There was nowhere for him to go, nicely restrained. This particular sub was in trouble for something only he knows....but hopefully won't forget. I had fun, especially when he said he would remember that pain the next time he was at the dentist!!

My New Delrin Cane

My new Delrin cane really does leave it's mark