Sunday, 25 July 2010

Website updates and photoshoots.

As you may know, I recently launched my new medical site. Due to this, I've been very busy, therefore, my main site has been neglected somewhat. I've had a backlog of feedback that people are keen to see on the site. I have information that is now outdated (the information regarding the schoolroom especially) and I've got some photographs that are now out of date too (the ones showing the old medical set-up). Hopefully all that is now being addressed. I spent a good few hours yesterday with a slave giving him lots of direction regarding the text, moving pictures, new pictures and general layout. I don't think many people will notice a huge difference, just subtle tweaking I'm sure. It's not so easy trying to do the changes via email, so yesterday was one of the first opportunities we had to get together for that. Fingers crossed it won't be too long until those changes go live and I can be happy that both sites are up to date and just the way I want them.

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