Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Scheduling Appointments Post Covid

So I've had a lot of questions around best practice for going forward session wise especially as people know I'm a Nurse so there is an expectation that I will have all the answers. Sorry to disappoint, but I don't, nobody does. What I can say is that I will try my best to keep all those who come to see me safe, as well as keeping myself safe. What I do and what others do might well be different. I respect that others don't have the same set up as me, can't schedule appointments the same way I do and don't necessarily have the luxury of being able to fully control all aspects of their environment.

I will go into the practical side of sessioning in another blog post but for today I want to address the issue of scheduling appointments when the time comes. We are a bit further behind here in Scotland with the phases of lockdown let up so again, things will no doubt be different in other parts of the UK.

When I decide it is as safe as it can be for a return to sessioning I will probably only see one person a week initially. This may change as it becomes more apparent how the rest of the world is doing post lockdown. 

I've had a lot of people message me and tell me they will be first in the queue for a session, but honestly I think we both know that I will ultimately be the gatekeeper of who is first in the queue. For me it all boils down to loyalty. You may not know where you are on that spectrum so let me help out with a sliding scale so you can at least judge where you land on the loyalty ladder!

So here are the people who will be offered appointments first and so forth.

1. There were about 4 people who had already paid deposits before lockdown and all of them were happy for me to keep their deposit until I could honour their appointment. These people will be offered first.

2. The people who dropped money into my bank account as a loyalty gift with no expectation of it being used towards future sessions. Thank you to you guys.

3. Those who paid for future sessions in advance in full. Thank you to those guys.

4. Those who have since lockdown paid a deposit towards a future session. Thank you to you guys.

5. Those who signed up to my Onlyfans and contributed to my income by tipping me as well as ordering custom clips. Thank you to you guys.

6. Those who signed up to my Onlyfans and paid for occasional tasks. Thank you.

7. Those who cannot financially contribute but have kept in touch to see if I need anything, see if they can run errands or be of help in any other way.

To those of you on step 7 even though you could not contribute financially, your loyalty has been appreciated so much.  Therefore,  if at any time I have a cancellation from anyone in the above steps I will be in touch to see if you can fill their appointment.

So as you can see there might be quite a long wait for appointments going forward. What the recent situation has taught me and many other Dommes is that life still goes on despite not sessioning as much and less finances coming in. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has reassessed my work/life balance and realised that I prefer to see less people but for those people to actively be supportive and appreciative of what I do. I really don't want to spend time with people who are drive by kinksters. Give me quality over quantity any day.

The above steps are not set in stone. I may well see more than 1 person a week as the rules relax and we get more used to our new way of living and working. It may well be a moveable feast. We shall see no doubt.

So all that's left to say is, if you want to get on the waiting list do get in touch. I will not be contacting you. 

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Why Onlyfans?

Since I've gone live with my Onlyfans account last week I've had a few people ask me why I've headed over to that platform to host my content. Thera re a few reasons for this so instead of answering people individually I thought I'd write a blog to explain.

If you haven't already read my blog post on my thoughts around paying for the content you like then you can go read it here. I suggest you do read it so it gives a more rounded perspective on what I'm going to expand on here.

So now you know my thoughts on that. Lets look at the platform I'm already using as well as the social media I spend time on.

Firstly I use Clips4Sale to sell my clips. For the last 6 years it's been the only source of income from my clips. It's not the easiest site to upload to nor is it the easiest for the consumer to navigate. But still it does have it's advantages. It drives the customers to your page so added to my own promotion it does ok. The downside is that I know nothing about my customers other than the ones who get in touch regarding custom clips. I don't get any feedback and I can't interact with them.

Twitter gets a lot of my attention due to it being interactive. There are lots of people who want to interact with you, mostly not the ones who want to pay for your content so you have to be discerning with your time and energy on there. It can be a free- for- all for those who just want to perv over pictures and Dm you with inane chat about how they would love to come visit if they only had the time/money/courage/legs/brain…who knows, there will always be a reason for non commitment.

There is this blog. Admittedly this is something I've neglected a fair bit due to a variety of reasons. It's not very interactive, not many people comment, though I know a lot of people read it. There also comes a time when you feel you've said all that you need to say in depth and most of your audience will know your thoughts on particular subjects.

So that brings me onto Onlyfans. What draws me to it are a few things. It's ease of use. It's very easy to upload posts/pics/clips even from my phone on 4G. So I can post anywhere and don't need to wait until I'm home, or I've edited a clip. My Onlyfans is going to be a platform for so much more than just clips. There is already lots of pictures, a good number of clips and a few quick vids taken during sessions to let my fans see what a real session is like. There is also the opportunity for me to interact with the fans. They can comment on posts and I can reply. They can message me and I can message them. That's something not available on Clips4Sale and so far I am loving it. It gives me a great insight into what my fans actually love, what clips are the most popular and what people want to see more of. It's also an opportunity for my real fans to show their appreciation instead of just commenting how much they love my work. Seriously it takes a lot of time effort and energy to produce content  so please make an effort to show your appreciation to your favourite Mistress/Nurse/Content provider even if that's not me. As I've said before, if we don't feel appreciated then we will most likely stop producing the stuff you love. 

So how I see it working is this. At the moment the fee is about $12 per month. That is roughly the cost of one of my clips on my store. Once you've seen one clip then you're already getting a bargain. I have a back catalogue of around 300 medical clips. My plan is to slowly upload my whole back catalogue onto my Onlyfans. I will of course be uploading new content too. So my new clips will normally to straight to Clips4Sale as normal. If you are very impatient you can still go there to buy them. If you are happy to wait then you can sign up to OnlyFans and that clip will go live a few weeks after it is uploaded to Clips4Sale.

As my OnlyFans gets more of a library build up of all of my clips (this is 6 years worth of filming) then the price will go up slightly to reflect the huge amount of content but this will still be a bargain. As time goes on Onlyfans will end up bursting with every clip I've ever made, as well as all the new content coming, session clips, behind the scenes look at the clinic, how it is run, what procedures are carried out and how it is maintained. There will also be insights into the visitors who come along both patients and other Specialist Nurses (with their consent of course).

So to recap.

There will probably less free content going on Twitter and Fetlife (I've taken down most of my pics there)

My Clips4Sale will continue to get the clips uploaded first. Buy from here if you are impatient.

My Onlyfans will get all my old content as well as new clips after a few weeks, all my pics, sessions insight etc. Sign up here if you want to pay a one off monthly fee for all this content.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Lots Happening

This blog post is going to be a bit of an update. There are a few things going on in the next month or so that I'd rather get down in a post than individually post about on twitter. Posts get lost and some of my chaps don't read twitter, they only look out for my blog.

I'm still away on holiday. I'm travelling on a train today so thought I'd take the time to write a blog post and be productive in between watching the lovely scenery go by. 

The fist thing is my visit from Mog whom I've done double sessions with in the past. We work really well together as D/D or D/s scenarios. The main thing for me is to have fun and my Dungeon Cat certainly brings the fun element to sessions. They will be here for the week beginning 24th September up until around the 29th. My birthday as you will no doubt be aware is the 30th so all sessions that week will be with birthday celebrations in mind. I'm thinking cake, candles and birthday whippings (for you).

On that note. Those who would like to get me a birthday gift can head over to my Amazon Wishlist Here. I'm away at the moment but fear not, I have a cat sitter going in daily so any parcels will be picked up in time for me to be pleasantly surprised on my return. 

Next is my visit to Manchester to see one of my long term chaps who can no longer make the trip to Edinburgh. I've build in time for a few other sessions so now there is only one slot left on the afternoon of October the 10th. Get in touch via my website if you'd like to be considered for a session. 

Next is some rather monumental news that some people will be delighted by. The Hunteress is going to be visiting Edinburgh and possibly Glasgow mid October. Dates TBC but will probably be 15th-17th. Get in touch early as this is a flying visit and we have a lot of catching up to do. She really needs no introduction as the best CP specialist the UK has seen. However, there are many strings to her bow and many other session scenarios are considered. Again we work well together playing you off against each other and having lots of fun at your expense, as you can see!

Last but not least my febsub who visits me regularly for some very heavy CP has expressed an interest in double sessions with you guys. I've had people ask over the years if she would be interested in doing sessions with a male sub too. She is very submissive to me, but not to anyone else so we always discounted doing any together. However,  I've been approached a few times now regarding voyeur sessions and after some thought she is keen to do these. They would be sessions where there is no physical interaction between yourself and her. I get to dominate you both, primarily doing CP on her and anything I like with you. If you would like to be considered for this type of session do get in touch. Please note, there will be an extra tribute for her time etc.

Here are some recent pics of our sessions. No doubt you will have enjoyed seeing them on twitter already but don't let that stop you thinking about my femsub being able to take a level of CP you can only dream of!

I think that may be all my news for today. As you would expect I'm not taking calls while I'm on holiday but I'm still keeping up with my mail. I've got a busy few weeks when I get back and need to be organised.

In the meantime, keep kinky!

Lady Annisa.

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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Time spent with Mog and I

Below is a review of a session with myself and Mog. I find these sessions so much fun and get a lot of enjoyment and entertainment from them. Mog is visiting again at the end of September, if you would like to be our plaything, to be prodded, poked, amusingly abused and used then feel free to get in touch. Oh and enjoy the review. 

The Power Of Two

When Mog entered the room, I was had already been strapped to the chair for a while.  Very few of us expect to meet someone for the first time naked but for a chastity cage, hands and feet buckled down, eyes wide and helpless, but Lady Annisa specialises in introducing her visitors to experiences they never thought they'd have.  Today would certainly be new to me. 

I had reported to Lady Annisa's premises the day before to be fitted with the chastity device. I would not be in it for very long, just overnight, but it would still serve to remind me that I was hers to control from that moment onwards. So as I travelled to our appointment the next morning, bringing with me some small gifts for Mistress and her Dungeon Cat, I was very aware of the firm pressure the cage exerted.

I knew the metal and leather devices and restraints in the red-walled room well. I had been strapped in to most of them at one time or another. But those experiences had been one to one, just Lady Annisa and myself. Intense, close, spellbinding; when Lady Annisa locks eyes with you from just inches away, the world magically shrinks until it's almost like a cage itself - impossible to escape, impossible to want to escape. I knew what that sorcery felt like, but now here was the Lady's Familiar too, padding in to create a new spell... 

It seemed entirely appropriate that Mog arrived half way through the session, with the insouciance of the sort of cat that you don't own, but who visits occasionally for kibbles and skritches. Lady Annisa left me helpless in the chair while she strapped Mog hand and foot to the wall; taking extra care, given that their feline hyperflexibility makes it very difficult to keep Mog from wriggling themself free. Just the day before, they'd been the first person to escape the chair I was at that moment buckled into. But I was going nowhere.

The next few minutes were a blur of sensation, visual and physical, as Lady Annisa alternated between tormenting us both. I remember Mistress wielding Mog's leather cat-headed flogger - as much a magic wand as an instrument of torture. I was wrapped and unwrapped, pinched and invaded, Mistress's turquoise nails dragging like claws of her own across vulnerable flesh.

Then I was on the floor, Mog's feet padding my head, Lady Annisa's crushing down on my cage. Then, up and bent over the spanking bench. Mistress wanted I think to show Mog another magical fluence she could cast over me, one I had experienced for the first time on my previous visit.  She had flogged my bare arse and I had twisted and flinched and gasped. But then, she had stayed the flogger. Bringing her face close to mine, she spoke, quietly. I can't remember what she said. I can only remember the eyes, her mouth moving, her red lips and perfect teeth. I closed my eyes for a moment. Then the flogging began again. But this time, I was still, quiet, my breathing even, my mind peaceful. Deep in subspace, truly, for the first time. 

And now again. Mog and Lady Annisa took turns - I think - to flog me. At first, I bucked and flinched. But, soon, again, I was quiet and still. Their voices sounded far away. Time stretched and compressed. I floated. 

Then - the clatter of buckles undone, and I am told to stand.  A challenge, and a switch of roles.  Mistress's disobedient cat needed to be spanked, and she wanted me to do it. Although I do switch, I have never spanked anyone... another new experience. Mog was very patient, but I wasn't, I suspect, very good at it.  Having been walloped into a trance and out again, I was in a whirl between submissive and dominant and my natural lack of co-ordination and hopeless English diffidence combined to make me a tentative flagellor at best. Taking pity on me, Mistress commanded me to comb through her hair, and give Mog's close crop a skritch too... still, I think, I was too tentative even at fulfilling those simple commands. But sometimes even the simplest tasks require practice, and I hope to have the opportunity to do better, one day.

The session ended, and we talked. Both Mog and Lady Annisa are great company; erudite, thoughtful, passionate. I left, as I arrived, caged. I would receive a message later that permitted my release. 

What is it like to submit to such extraordinary people? And they are extraordinary - if you follow them on Twitter, or Fetlife, or in Mog's case Purpleport,  you'll know that, but they are every bit the match in person. I knew that spending time with two such expert, devious, smart, humane, kinky folk would be different from a session with one. But I had not expected that difference would be so transforming, disorientating, surprising.  The intensity you see in the pictures of Lady Annisa and Mog together is absolutely there in person, but more than that, they understand how to get into your head. They will ill-use your body, but they'll also bewitch your mind.  So if you choose to experience that rare power yourself, and I would strongly recommend you do, prepare to surrender to their irresistible magic, and be transformed by it.

Lady Annisa.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

I Produce Porn…For Payment

Some might not look upon my clips as porn. However for the sake of this blog I do. I produce clips that people like to buy for various reasons which means they have a liking for medical fetish themes.

Some of these themes are quite general like a medical examination and some are very specific like scrotal inflation. Some people like all things medical and some people have a real full on kink for one aspect and that aspect alone.

When your medfet kink is general then you can surf the net to your hearts content looking for and at general medical themes. Wherever you look, clip sites, member sites or free tube sites you will always find what you are looking for.

When your 'thing' is a little more niche then, as you would imagine, it gets a little bit harder to find. You really need to trawl quite a bit to find what you are after and even then you need to perhaps spend some time weeding out the poor quality from what would be considered worth paying for. I understand this process very well and the need to be discerning about what you pay for. With this in mind though I'm very well pissed off with people who maintain they love what I produce but have never paid for it. This is a real slap in the face. I've no idea what some people think is the process of producing said clips is. But it's certainly not done on a whim with no preparation, thought, monetary investment or creativity. All of the aforementioned goes in to each clip in bucketloads.

This particular rant has followed on from someone contacting me to say they are my biggest fan. They love what I do, they love that I've invested so much in my medical room and they love that I can make my clips so realistic. Yeh, that's the experience of 25 years of being a real bona fide Nurse. I even have the scars to prove it. I spent a long time getting that experience and I'm told it shows in my clips. Anyway, I've digressed. He then goes on to tell me he's never actually paid for a clip, just found them a bit here and there online. He also loves my medical pictures I put up on Fetlife and twitter. So basically he is a freeloader, who is too cheap to pay for his fetish but will happily watch stolen content. He is happy to perpetuate a problem that some sections of society have in paying a fair amount for what they consume and are more than happy to rip off the producer in that process.

Well apart from the fact you are effectively stealing hard earned money from the producer, you are adding to the problem and also adding to the likelihood of them deciding they will stop producing that content.

So lets go back to how difficult it is to come by that content. Remember how your niche fetish is very rarely covered by the majority of producers, and the ones who do it are not doing it to your liking (No judgement on other producers here, I'm just acknowledging that when watching porn of any nature the viewer will have preferences which cannot be quantified nor specified in any meaningful way). So before you go ahead and perpetuate the theft of content please bear in mind that by doing so, your favourite producer who you never help contribute to in any way may just stop making the stuff to get your rocks off to because you are too mean to pay £5 or so for their time, effort, creativity and experience.

This doesn't just go for what I produce. If you enjoy someones work and would like them to continue then please consider buying their clips, supporting them on platforms like patreon/onlyfans or requesting a session or custom clip. When Mistresses/producers feel unappreciated it's highly likely they will wander off and spend their time doing stuff that is appreciated.

Lady Annisa.

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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

A Big Day At My Chambers

I've written a blog post before about my 10 year anniversary of Pro-Domming. This post is now about the 10 year anniversary of my first session in my own chambers, which was 19th April 2008.

It was something that I'd planned on for a while, about 2 years. I had those plans made so meticulously that by the time I got the keys for the place it was all systems go. I actually managed, with help from a few good men, to get the place stripped, new flooring, decorated, furnished, a cell installed, photographed and a new website in place in just 19 days. It was a crazy mental 19 days I'll tell you that, but a lot of fun.

I'm planning a little celebration on the day to toast the 10 years fun and frolics I've had (and hopefully many other people too) in my place.

I'm actually sessioning on the day with the lovely Mog and one of my special chaps. I'm sure there will be more than one reason to celebrate on the day.

Cheers and here's to many more years of passion in perversion. 

Lady Annisa

Monday, 5 March 2018

Return of The Mog

Snow may have buggered up my plans for the last week but I did manage to have a huge amount of fun with Mog before we had to cancel the rest of our joint sessions.

First was a day of shooting very hot, up close and personal medical clips with Mog as my patient. As you can see from the pictures, the scenes were pretty full on and pretty intense. We certainly have a rather interesting dynamic going on and I think it shows in the clips and pictures we've done so far. 

After that came sessions. I had no idea how much fun I was going to have, but having a new Dungeon Cat who has a wicked mind and sense of humour was way more interesting than I had first thought. The interaction of a 3rd person, especially one with such a kinky and devious mind makes for a rather defeated, abused but happy male sub.

Having to cancel sessions was a big disappointment especially as we were just getting into the flow of fun. Having said that we have been looking at our diaries to try to reschedule and encourage Mog back to continue the torments. So those that had to be cancelled will have a chance to reschedule and those who couldn't make an appointment last week have now got an opportunity to be our plaything for the duration of your session. Be warned though, while playing two subs off against each other is enormous fun for me….you may well be pushed to your limit with having both of us torment you! Isn't that most male subs dream scenario though?

Anyway, get the date in your diary. We will be offering sessions from Monday 16th April. We may well be filming also so please get your requests in early so we can accommodate you.

And lastly here is a pic taken in session of a poor male sub who was subjected to a lovely hedgehog, and subsequent cropping off after some goading from Mog. 

Lady Annisa