Sunday, 18 July 2010

Various Stages of Rubber Treatment.

This particular rubber patient submitted to my desires to have him in his full rubber catsuit, shined up beautifully, while I was suitably clad in my rather tight blue Nurses Dress. He was firstly treated in the dungeon to a liberal dose of my new rubber bag hood. Then once he had become accustomed to the lovely latex newness smell, it was into the treatment room for some restictive hooding and breathplay, coupled with an oral exam, lots of differing gags, latex inhalation therapy, and finally some dental treatment. He was finally discharged with some home care advice and follow up appointment made for review of these treatments. The only disappointment I have with these pictures is, I was having so much fun with the hoods I forgot to shine them up and make them as glossy as the suit....tut tut! I can feel the wrath of hard-core rubberists as I hang my head in shame.

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