Tuesday, 13 July 2010

View From the Inside Out

This is the view from the inside of my cell, when not hooded or blindfolded of course. I'm reliably informed that once the cell door and outer door is closed, the darkness descends and does not let up. Given that it's totally black inside, mostly there is no need for a hood. However, I just like to hood my captives to add to the experience. So, what does Mistress get up to while you're her captive in the cell? Mostly, if I'm truthful I get bored when I'm not doing bad things and interacting with my victims. I don't mind admitting it. So if you have a fantasy that Mistress is enjoying her time away from you being dismissive of you and your existance then I'm going to disappoint and interrupt that fantasy. I usually spend the time getting set up for what I want to do to you next. Getting out my electrics and all the attachments, laying out one of the bodybags on the rack, or getting the suspension bar ready. So when I eventually do let you out of the cell I can get right back into laying my hands on you and practicing my dark sadistic art. Fun times!

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