Monday, 25 October 2010

A sneak preview

Just thought I'd give a little taster of the new pictures I've had done recently. As stated before I'm still not showing my face. This has been something widely discussed on Professional Domination fora, the pro's and con's of such. I made my decision a long time ago due to personal reasons not to show my face. Those reasons don't wholly apply any more. I could in essence put my face pictures up without too much stress to myself. However, I'm not in a hurry to do so and here's why. I've found in the last couple of years that not having my face on my website is not in the least bit of a hindrance. The people that I want to session with, and therefore want to appeal to, put far more emphasis on what I say on my website than what I look like in principle. Obviously they get a hint of what my figure is like, how I like to dress in session, how I hold myself, but no facial features. My website and what I say, I hope puts across far more of what I'm like than any facial feature could. Everyone reads into a picture different things. To be crude....when it comes to my website, I'd much prefer people to be looking at the 'text and not the tits'....though I'm sure that happens!

I've grown accustomed to my anonymity as time has gone on. I'm sure there are plenty people who know who I am, it's not so much a concern any longer. I even think my brother has seen my website and knows it's me, no big deal. Big brov, if you're reading this, I'm sure you're a bigger pervert than I'll ever be!! So, no it's not so much the people that are close to me finding out that I don't want, I just want to blend in when I'm doing my shopping. I don't want to find someone looking at me thinking....where do I know her from and puzzling over it. I don't have a problem with people I've sessioned with seeing me outside. I have a very good visual memory (poor memory for other things) so I would know if that person is looking at me because we have spent an hour or two together at some point. I have no control over who looks at my website, and judging by my webstats, there are quite a lot of you. so given that, it's a lot of exposure to have. I don't want to go to the dentist to be wondering if the guy rummaging about in my mouth has also seen my bum. Now don't go telling me dentists are not kinky, I've got a few who come to me as clients!

I get people coming to see my telling me they imagined me with different colour hair. Or they imagined I'd be older or something else that does not quite fit. I find it amusing, given that I never know what anyone looks like until they walk through my door for the first time. I've stopped trying to imagine what people look like. Until I see them in the flesh, they are just a voice to me, assuming I can understand them. Some people tell me they liked the mystery of not knowing what I look like. I actually enjoy the fact they don't get to see me until I decide. It's another element of control I have. I wait until they are inside the doorway before I reveal myself, that way they cannot get back out the door once they have seen what a minger I am! Seriously though, I love the power of just slowly revealing myself to them. I consider myself to be fairly attractive, if not very attractive (depending on my mood). So I like to see the look of pleasant surprise on their faces when they realise at least I don't have two heads, a big gap between my teeth and I have a perfect smile, sadistic, but perfect!

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