Thursday, 21 October 2010

Pervery on the go!

I'm just about recovered from my late nights living it up in Berlin. I'm getting too old for silly o' clock bedtimes 4 nights in a row. My travelling companion is just ever so slightly older than me and managed it well, so there is hope for me that with more exposure to this I can cope a bit better......with that in mind I'm planning my next trip to the Fetish Capital of Europe....:)

I won't bore you, my dear reader with all the ins and outs of my time in Berlin. Suffice to say, we managed to live it up in bars/clubs at night, do a bit of pervy shopping during the day and still manage to do the main vanilla sites in the city. Though, due to my travel companion being a bit of a "dafty" there were one or two places of interest we did not quite make it to. Lesson learnt on my part, if you want anything done right, do it yourself!

So I'm home now, with a few more toys to play with. A few Cp bits and pieces as well as a lovely new sling for my suspension. It just needs my pervy handy man to sort out a little customisation for me and we are good to go. Which brings me back to the title, due to the fabby Mobile Dungeon housed outside one of the fetish shops we visited. I was tempted to steal the keys and go for a spin....but I'm too much of a good girl, so I just took a picture and drooled over the contents!

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