Friday, 1 October 2010

The Lure of Latex

I know I've written about this before. However, I'm Domme, I'm allowed to repeat myself. Seriously though, the last time I blogged about latex it was to describe a particular session with rubber treatment. Today I'm more than happy to explore the headspace that latex and rubber can evoke.

For me there are so many things to love about latex, and I'm sure you've heard them all. However to make this blog worth reading it's worth repeating them. The smell firstly is intoxicating, especially if the latex or rubber is new. However, you can prolong that very emotive smell with good care and good quality latex shine. Then of course there is the feel, how it feels against the skin, pulling everything inwards, causing a feeling of restriction, causing the temperature to fluctuate, causing the inhabitant to either perspire enormously, or shiver uncontrollably. The touch, running your hands over either your own body or someone else's in latex can excite the senses beyond belief.

Despite being the Dominant, I like to think that, like a lot of what I do, latex is a shared pleasure. It can be totally hedonistic taking time and effort to get ready for a session. Nothing about dressing in latex is quick and easy, and that is the attraction. The slow build up to the headspace and physical feelings indulging in this fetish brings. If I have someone come for a primarily latex session, I always want to wear latex myself. Not because I want to pander to their fetish, but because I want to indulge in mine. I want to feel my pulse getting slightly quicker as I pull on that catsuit or dress, and the smell and feelings wash over me. I want to feel the pleasure of having someone shine up my latex while I'm wearing it, feel the cold damp cloth glide over the contours of my body and feel myself shiver underneath while my play partner is trying to concentrate on what he is doing, but knowing he is struggling with his quickening breath and pulse. Total indulgence and total immersion for me is a fast track to hedonism within session. Then of course, they may need some shining up too and I get to tease and torment as my hand glides over all areas. I get to choose which areas to spend a bit more time on, and which ones I will just lightly skim, causing a desperation and longing in their moans and whimpers.

When I have someone totally enclosed in latex, especially a catsuit, I love to spend time running my hands over the contours of their body, running my nails along the zips and feel them shiver and grow underneath. I take my time feeling every aspect of that latex, with different parts of me. The chest area is an expanse so often ignored. I like to run the whole palm of my hands over it like giving a deep massage, causing the latex to make that wonderful rubber snapping sound that latex fetishists love, hearing that noise, then hearing them moan is delightful.

Hoods hold a particular delight, especially totally enclosed hoods with a closed mouth. Mostly I don't tend to shine the hoods. Some people might be disappointed until they know why. I'm sure my regular rubber fetishists know why........ok I'll tell. I like to run my tongue all over that totally enclosed face. It's an erotic passion of mine, and no latex shine is going to stop me indulging. Taking my time, very slowly using my tongue to outline every undulation on that face, spending longer over the eyes in the hope I can tickle the eyelashes, trying to see if I can nibble on an earlobe then very slowly and tenderly moving onto the lips tracing my tongue along the ridges and forcing my tongue to part the lips still encased in latex underneath me, all of this adds to the increased breathing and pulse rate of my play partner (and possibly even me:))

The bottom picture in the set above shows my play partner with a combination of hoods on. This is called layering and is something else I love to do. We started off with a fairly thin latex hood with eye holes and a mouth hole. Next another thicker, heavier hood was added on top. The restriction now starts to build up. This hood has a second outer layer which can be zipped up to bring the total layers on his face to 3. At this stage he can still feel me licking and running my tongue over him, but his breathing is becoming a bit more of an effort and this adds to his enjoyment. Then lastly a loose bag style thick latex hood is added and tied tightly. This bag only has 2 tiny breathing holes, so breathing again is getting harder, though not impossible. Then of course I still manage to run my tongue over the contours of his face and can tell by his moans that he can still feel what I'm doing. If I'm feeling really devious, I'll block up the breathing holes while I indulge in some latex loving of his this point I think he died and went to heaven. I certainly was on cloud 9 with how much I enjoyed it.

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