Monday, 4 October 2010

I'm liking

My new ankle suspension cuffs. Makes for a very vulnerable position to have someone in. Once you lose the boxer shorts there is no hiding place and I can certainly get good access for a little spot of CBT. I'm still waiting on the wrist cuffs being made as I asked for one or two adjustments to them. Once they arrive there will be even more possibilities for me to enjoy myself.


  1. I've never experimented with the upside down hanging position, fearing the possible physical results of hanging someone upside down for extended periods. How long do you keep your slave in that position? Am I wrong in thinking there are dangers with that position?

  2. Hi Lady Grey, hope you're having a good week.

    No, you are quite right, there are dangers in that position. Apart from the usual risks of having someone in bondage, there is the risk of falling. Obviously having your lifting equipment in excellent working order, and ensuring it has the capability to hold in excess of your demands is paramount. This position is more dangerous than horizontal or vertical suspension due to the fact if they fall, they fall on their head. My suspension hooks go right through into the rafters of the roof above, and the winch is capable of holding in excess of 30 stones (420lb).

    Other problems may be things like, feeling unwell and disorientated with the rush of blood to the head. Some people love that feeling, some hate it. How long you have them there depends on the person you have suspended. It's wise to start off with just a minute or two to get them acclimatised and gradually build up. Obviously stopping if they feel in the least bit uncomfortable. Having a large meal before this kind of suspension is not a good idea. Less obvious dangers are circulation problems or nerve compression, however using specially designed suspension cuffs will reduce this risk to almost zero. Hope that helps...:)