Saturday, 9 October 2010

My Human Pinata

I had fun hitting him with a stick!


  1. First, thank you for your answer to my comment in your previous post. I don't think I'd trust myself to put a sub in that position unless I were assured of his perfect health

    HOWEVER - I just love the position you've got your little slave in, as shown in the photo above. I spent some time studying the hand restraints when I enlarged the photo - they must be custom made. Am I seeing them correctly - are they designed so he can use his hands to support himself until he weakens and lets gravity take over? I adore the illusion of control that would momentarily give him, followed by the realization that he's completely helpless to support himself and ultimately at your mercy.

    Is the system strong enough for you to sit on him and use him as a chair (or a swing) in that position? Or would the extra weight on his arms and legs be too much? The thought of him just hanging there is more than enough to turn me on, but I wonder if you had some other delights in mind for him besides using him as a pinata:)

    1. Love that mind of yours.............

  2. Hello Lady Grey, sorry to have taken so long to reply.

    I don't think his limbs would take the strain of me sitting on him. There are great slings on the market, one here which is quite good for the kind of thing you had in mind. I've seen it being used that way. That way it's not his limbs taking your weight but the sling and you could still have his arms and legs shackled. I'm still experimenting with lots of different positions and torments :)