Friday, 22 October 2010

Foot Fetishists Fayre

Whilst sorting out my photographs from my recent trip to Berlin I came across a little folder I've been adding to every now and then. To be honest I'd forgotten all about it and had not added much in a while. As you can no doubt guess it's a shoe/boot folder. A folder with some shots from session, taken from the sub's POV, not something I'm inclined to put on my website as they just don't make the grade, but worth admiring all the same. I have a particular passion for shoes with stiletto heels, the kind that lend themselves nicely to slipping into a slave's mouth for some worship, or indeed other areas. I was chatting to a very hard core CBT enthusiast in Berlin who has had his mistress insert her stiletto heel into his urethra, with protection on of course. He sent me the link to the picture and sure enough that lovely stiletto is nestled securely in his urethra. Something I'm going to have to try sometime, though I'm a bit concerned re cross infection. So I'll have to give it some thought, unless anyone can point me in the direction of sterile condoms.....perhaps sterile gloves would do it, though not as thin, so the sensation may be lost......something to think about.

Heels are great for other forms of torment of course. Now that I've got my suspension rigged up, I've been quite partial to having someone on the floor and trampling them whilst having a secure bar to hold on to, even swing from while they are below me taking in exactly where that stiletto heel is going to stop...will it be his balls?, cock?, chest?, thigh?, or even his face to try to manipulate that heel right into his mouth. Fun times indeed.

Good old fashioned shoe/boot worship is lovely too, but I prefer to be a bit inventive. Having someone who is a shoe fetishist hog-tied then egging them on to worship my shoes whilst continually moving just that one step further is all too amusing, or at least for me it is. Watching them writhe, wriggle, get exhausted, want to give up but also wanting to be right under the sole of that foot as much as their body will allow....happy days for a sensual sadist. It also feeds my love of rope bondage, two for the price of one....yum.

Food play is another way to enjoy shoe/boot and even foot worship. I've been known to indulge in some splosh play with lots of gooey, gorgeous mess. Rubbing my feet all over his face, chest, abdomen. However, it's got to all be sweet, I loathe the thought of savoury stuff under my feet. Mostly because I want to join in, once I've smeared some strawberries/raspberries and cream over my slaves face and chest, I do indulge in nibbling myself, though I'm much more likely to get a nipple between my teeth mistaking it for a ripe raspberry or two.


  1. I do love your selection of shoes in this post.
    I must say less is more sometimes the photo of you in your latex red apron is truly stunning

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments scienceboy.

  3. I would love to be in chains kissing your red high heels.

  4. I have a massive foot fetish for womens feet in pantyhose,stockings or fishnets would love to massage a womens feet! So hard to find a lady who has or wants this though! Your pics are stunning btw x