Saturday, 29 October 2016

What's the Attraction - Nebuliser Therapy

On the face of it, it seems simple. And of course it is. It’s just a mask, an atomiser pushing atmospheric air into your airways and with it adding some particles to the air that you wish to add. In the medical field that is usually a drug to open the airways. In my practice this is not really required but that would be a benign reason not to use it in some context. Therefore, I will use poppers with it so that the poppers get to blast right to where I want them very quickly. Of course inhaling them directly does the exact same, but being administered by a particular nurse, her having control of your medication and for her to give and take as much as she likes with you gives it another element before you even consider the audio and visual element of tubing and the air compressor. Just a nice little added touch to your treatment. Especially if it’s a treatment that the nurse is needing to give her full attention elsewhere. It means that you’re still getting your fix and hit, she has decided how much but is able to take her eye off that particular ball whilst she has her eye on a set of other balls.

With the purring of the air compressor and having the noise of the fluid being vaporised your hearing my be slightly impaired. This adds a little element of disorientation, not being able to fully hear what the nurse is saying, feeling a little bit helpless and vulnerable and of course if you're lying down, not being able to see what she's doing to your nether regions whilst you're getting a rush and hit from the poppers can be intoxicating. I just suggest you lie back and enjoy!

In contrast to anaesthetic role play, the equipment here is less sinister, less threatening, less frightening and generally lends itself more to a very clean white clinical environment. So for those just dipping their toe (or nose) into breath control this can be something less intimidating than the heavy black rubber tubing/masks and machines usually associated with heavy breath play. 

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