Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christmas Wishes

I've been asked what I'd like from Santa....or at least from my lovely visitors. Please be assured that a gift is not required, I'm just helping out those that have asked. So here is a small list of some of the gifts I'd love to receive from the tiny, to the more droolworthy!

1. Fragranced candles for my premises. I love ones with Christmas scents, so cinnamon, cranberry and spices are all good.
2. Bondage tape, white preferably but any colour will make me happy.
3. The standard latex medimask hood, size large from here.
4. These  gorgeous babies....don't they look fab???
5. Another gorgeous bondage item here.
6. Amazon gift vouchers sent to my email address...simple.
7. The inflatable pecker gag for the controller hood from here.
8. The extreme neck corset also from here.

So there you have it, all the things I want from Santa. I know most ladies love chocolate, but this year I'm giving it a miss. So if you bring me chocolates, you might just find you'll be fed them yourself...anally in the form of a chocolate sauce enema....:)

Ps Anything from Top to Bottom Leathers can be sent to me direct. Emma from there knows my details and will post anything purchased direct to convenient! And of course I do so love their gear so anything from there always makes me smile.


  1. Lady Annisa, gosh!!! That standard latex medimask hood looks fantastic! :D

  2. It does indeed. If Santa does not bring me it, then I shall have to buy it myself as a matter of urgent want and need!