Thursday, 8 December 2011

Quick...another facial shot!....and Heavy Rubber

Following on from the great success of the last facial shot, I've decided to carry on with them as a theme.....this one shows off my eyes quite well I think, not sure the eyeshadow suits though. This is one half of the heavy rebreather combo that I talked about in this blog. The other half was being used by my rather lovely heavy rubber slut who had just been enjoying a very intense series of rubber clinic therapies as seen below.


My fellow rubber lover had been extolling the virtues of chlorinated rubber, especially for gloves. He's had a few items done and raved about them. Sure enough when I tried his gloves out I was well impressed. However, at the time I was in no need for any new rubber items and certainly not any rubber gloves. Then within the space of 3 weeks I totally shredded 3 pairs of gloves trying to pull them on mid scene without any talc, that'll teach me! So he very kindly obliged in restocking me with some lovely full length red gloves, short black ones and still another two pairs are on order awaiting delivery. This session, I had no such worries, they glide on effortlessly and mean I can chop and change the gloves without too much hassle and also take them off should the need arise with putting him in tight hoods etc. I'm totally in love with chlorinated rubber and I'm now drooling over some more items to put on my wish list from Santa. I'm thinking I might even get a nice cat woman hood for myself given with chlorination, they go on so easily. Possibly another opportunity for the facial shots gallery there....:D

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  1. You look absolutely wonderful, to see you in rubber....... !!! Your slave is a lucky man, oh how I'd love to be in his place !
    I think the eyeshadow suits you very well !