Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Back from my Holiday and an update.

Hello to all my readers who think I've neglected them. I'm back from my well deserved holiday nicely chilled and nicely relaxed. I had lovely weather, lovely company and was able to totally immerse myself in switching off for a few weeks. This has been great for recharging my battery, and since it's been a busy week since my return, I needed it!

Since coming back I've had the opportunity to get to grips with a new breathing gas mask combo that my lovely fellow rubberist had commissioned for us. Our last appointment had to be cancelled at the last minute so this lovely combo has been hanging up in my chambers waiting to be used for the first time. Much to the frustration of other rubber and breath play enthusiasts who have drooled over the sight of it every time they visited. Well what can I say about it........not much more than the word HOT.....I've never much been taken with the idea of wearing a hood or mask myself but had been having intermittent thoughts of a devilish idea that I just could not put out of my head. When I aired it to my fellow gas mask enthusiast he drooled too. So unbeknown to me, he approached a good supplier and asked them if they could come up with the kind of thing we were looking for. Basically it's a two mask combo, one for Mistress, one for slave. It had to be adapted so that the Mistress is able to take in a breath through the normal inlet, then breath it out via a tube connected to the submissives mask. He is only able to breath her expired air and then he has an outlet to breath that back out, we also had a rebreather bag fitted so that we can use that should we desire. There is also an option for poppers that we might explore in the future, and since there is a non return valve between Mistress and slave, she does not get any of his air or poppers should they be used. It's a very exciting set up with more than a few possibilities.

Below is a picture, not the best. So hopefully I'll be able to get another one done soon to show off it's full glory and potential.


  1. So glad to hear you had a wonderful time and your fully recharged.
    The new mask looks fantastic. Its good to know, that a slave would be living on every breath his Mistress takes !
    I'd love to try it,if you give permission.

  2. The mask looks fun! I've never tried one before =)

  3. Thank you Mistress L, it is indeed fun...more than fun!