Wednesday, 4 April 2018

A Big Day At My Chambers

I've written a blog post before about my 10 year anniversary of Pro-Domming. This post is now about the 10 year anniversary of my first session in my own chambers, which was 19th April 2008.

It was something that I'd planned on for a while, about 2 years. I had those plans made so meticulously that by the time I got the keys for the place it was all systems go. I actually managed, with help from a few good men, to get the place stripped, new flooring, decorated, furnished, a cell installed, photographed and a new website in place in just 19 days. It was a crazy mental 19 days I'll tell you that, but a lot of fun.

I'm planning a little celebration on the day to toast the 10 years fun and frolics I've had (and hopefully many other people too) in my place.

I'm actually sessioning on the day with the lovely Mog and one of my special chaps. Having recently been introduced to Ko-Fi via Mogs twitter feed and another one of my lovely chaps noting that the donations could in fact be used for alcohol, I've decided to set one up to let all you lovely fans and followers help to buy some very good Champagne to help me celebrate in style. 

Click here to go to my Ko-Fi page 

Feel free to donate as you see fit and in the meantime I'm going to trawl through my vast back catalogue of session pics to pull out some blasts from the past. 

Cheers and here's to many more years of passion in perversion. 

Lady Annisa

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