Saturday, 26 August 2017

Gender Reassignment Clinic

Let me introduce you to Latex Lynda. She is a sort of slut. A sort of latex slut, a sort of watersports slut and a sort of bizarre medical slut.

In the following pictures you can see her treatments throughout the last year or so to get her to the point she is at the moment. We are not yet finished but she is making good progress. 

Since she has been coming to the clinic I have been slowly introducing ways and means to eradicate the male hormones from her system and introduce female hormones to her system. Lets face it, male hormone leads to male ego and there is no place in my clinic for male ego!

The treatments are challenging but she is coping well with them and we are seeing good results in our clinical trials.

The treatments have included 

1. Electric shock therapy to the male genitalia to shrink the area.
2. Elaborate introduction of  suction therapy to increase breast tissue.
3. Nipple enlargement and milking.
4. Medically induced female hormone by oral fluid intake.
5. Forcibly and mechanically removing all traces of male hormone and seed.
6. Hypnogas and feminisation gas to get her in the right headspace to accept her new gender role and identity. 

After her recent 3 hour appointment in the clinic she certainly left the premises a transformed person. 

I'm looking forward to taking her treatments even further next time.

Lady Annisa


  1. Would be very willing to try this treatment

    1. I love when people tell me they would be willing to try a thing, like they've got all the say in the matter.

      I think what you really mean is you would be honoured/pleased/stoked/grateful if I'd like to try that on you some day.

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh