Wednesday, 12 April 2017

So For My Next Challenge

You'll be disappointed if you've come to this blog post hoping for some kinky goings on. I would say sorry to disappoint but I'm not that kinda gal!

Anyway, moving on. Those of you who come to see me will no doubt be aware of my next challenge but I'll put it out there for those not up to speed. As you may have noticed on twitter there have been a lot of scenery pictures, especially from mountain or hilltops. This is because I'm back in training for doing extreme hiking. It's been 5 years since I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and that my friends is too long to leave between extreme challenges.  I have still been raising fund for Marie Curie with various other endeavours so the total raised is almost £10k. I'm a little bit short of it at the moment. So I'm self funding this trip and hoping to hit my target by the time I head off in October to hike in the Himalayas. 

This is where my loyal visitors, subs, patients and slaves can help out. I will be doing my usual things like auctioning off a session or two, extending sessions for a donation into the charity box and a few other inventive things I'm not letting on to at this moment. You can of course just pop a donation into the charity box at my chambers when you next visit, which of course will be much appreciated. 

One last thing to bare in mind, if I don't reach my target there will be lots of punishment doled out on my return.

Now here is a little selfie of Stern Nurse when she is just about to punish someone! 

Lady Annisa


  1. I imagine when most of your visitors imagine you strapping on your boots for a few punishing hours, they don't think of this!

    1. No, but I'm always ready to show that I am more than just one dimensional.

    2. Was just re-reading this Lady Annisa - I was reminded you are a woman of many boots, for many occasions! I would love to see a post picturing your DM collection, for instance...

  2. When I just published that comment, the Captcha said "Select all images with mountains, click verify when there are none left"... sounds like that might be your extreme challenge!