Saturday, 29 October 2016

What's the Attraction

Quite often I get asked by visitors to my premises about the attraction of other fetishes, ones they perhaps don't understand or hadn't thought of.

This happens a lot around medical fetish. A number of people who come to see me don't understand it, just don't get what exactly could be enjoyed in that environment. That is until I enlighten them, and enlighten them I do!

I've decided therefore to do a series of enlightening posts (ok, probably more just a tiny bit of insight but I can aspire surely!). These posts will be entitled What's the Attraction followed by the particular activity or element of what it is I do and what others enjoy. 

This won't be exclusively all about medical but it will lean heavily towards it basically due to the fact that you can find hundreds of articles online examining the attractions of spanking or bondage. I will do dungeon ones but the series will lean more heavily towards medical. This is the area that has more mystery around it so I'd like to give more of an insight into my world within my clinic to help educate and perhaps even tempt some of my dungeon go-ers to look at medical fetish in another light. One that shows more of the similarities between dungeon activities and medical than differences. Basically an insight that shows the mindset that people have walking into a dungeon environment is just the same mindset used in medical and much of what we do in the dungeon is easily transferred to a clinic setting to gain the same end results. Hopefully a happy Mistress/Top and contented submissive/bottom. 

With this in mind, the next post will be posted hot on the heels of this one. I've done a few already but I'm certainly open to suggestions. So if any of my readers want to know what's the attraction of any particular activity or fetish then chime in, I'm happy to answer. 

Lady Annisa


  1. I'd be interested Lady Annisa to read a post on this series on sounding... I know you posted one a few years back which is an enjoyable read, but I wondered if you had any new perspectives acquired from your subjects over the years?

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  3. Dear Lady Annisa - just as an aside, I enjoy following your recommendations for other blogs or resources to look at... I'm sure it reflects your busy-ness but if you ever have time to update the list on the right of blogs you follow or enjoy, I for one would be very appreciative!

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  5. My fault entirely for all the duplicate replies. Anyway, I shall have to add a post at some point regarding the attraction of sounding.

  6. If you ever have both time and inclination, Lady Annisa, I would still be curious to read a post on sounding...

    1. Time is something I don;t have as much of, inclination is aplenty. However, I will try.

  7. With a want to do list like yours, I'm not surprised! Thank you but I shall be patient, as I should be.