Sunday, 16 October 2016

The Return

Here I am stuck at an airport having had a storm get in the way of my travel plans back home and I've decided to update you all about my return.

Firstly though, those who follow my tweets will be aware that I popped into Mr S Leathers in San Francisco while on my road trip to get my fix of all things bondagey. I'm sure I don't need to remind you all of how much I love bondage and the smell and touch of leather restraints. Nobody quite has a showroom like Mr S Leathers. Due to weight restraint though (restraint of a bad kind) I had to curtail my urge to purchase a whole load of new bondage gear. What I did come back with though is a fabulous set of bondage straps as seen in this link here.

They might not look very sexy in and of themselves, though I think they do. They give me so many opportunities to tie all you bondage bunnies off to various pieces in the dungeon and cell as well as being restraints simple but effective enough to be used on their own. I'm looking forward to using them as soon as I get back.

Which brings me onto my return. I get back to the Uk soon (I hope) and will be commencing sessions again from Wednesday onwards. I've got one slot available for this week due to a cancellation so email if you've been hoping to be fitted in as I know how much you've all missed me!

I've now added some pics from Mr S Leathers site but I think you could still enjoy another opportunity to appreciate all these suspension slings. 

Lady Annisa

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