Monday, 19 September 2016

Road Trip

So I'm just about to head off on my month long trip, some of which will be a road trip in the states.

I'm heading back to San Francisco firstly, a place I fell in love with when I visited 5 years ago. I'm looking forward to visiting a few kink places again and one or two new ones. No doubt I will head back home with some fabulous new bondage gear from Mr S Leathers. I might actually end up spending a whole day in this place. 

I have actually written some blogs to keep you all entertained or bored while I'm away. Having said that I don't know whether I'll actually get online to post them. We shall see. Given how I feel about getting away from it all and recharging my batteries then I might never make it online to do anything. 

In the meantime you can enjoy a little bit of a rogues gallery. As you can see they are not always the best quality due to the lighting and the spur of the moment nature of how they are taken, but still you get the idea of how much we are both enjoying ourselves. And just because I'm a raging narcissist there is a cleavage shot of me in there, but also because I knew one or two of you quite like to see my cleavage too...:)

For those interested I will be back in the UK on or around the 16th October with sessions resuming around the 19th. I think I've only got one or two slots available that week already so do get in touch soon to arrange an appointment before I'm on the road...:)

This one is not going to make the coffee lying there!

This one looks almost comatose!

Darth does Dungeon!
A sort of intensive care, but without the care!

Best footstool ever!

A pair of my dungeon, and they're not mine!

Another intensive care bed is taken up with a layabout!
He was having a bad hair day, I was just helping him out aesthetically!
And last but not least, a purple butt of a different kind!


  1. A catalogue of helplessness... Your Rogues Galleries are always intriguing Lady Annisa. I find myself wondering what made you take a picture at these precise points in your sessions? Is it because you've done something new, or that has amused you, or is it part of the session itself that your victims feel even more powerless when they can't stop you taking the photo?

  2. I like to take pictures of something if I've tried something new and want to document it. I sometimes just like taking pics of things that amuse me. I also take pictures to show the person involved just what kind of predicament they have been in as quite often the submissive is blindfolded and in such a position they are unable to appreciate exactly what's all going on.

    Many of the pics never make it to my blog or twitter as they are either too graphic for general consumption or perhaps there are identifiable elements like tattoos or scars showing. Sometimes there is even a smiling face!

  3. Another question if I may Lady Annisa - have you ever ordered one of your subjects to take a picture of themselves during a session, either on your phone or theirs? It strikes me that might be as humiliating and memorable as you doing it, maybe even more so?

    1. Not so far, but what a good idea.