Friday, 17 June 2016

Talking MedFet on NiteFlirt

I've been taking calls on NiteFlirt and from the reaction of some of my visitors to my premises it appears that everyone is rather interested in the whole thing. So let me give you a little bit of insight into why I've gone down this road.

Firstly as you probably know I've been visited quite a bit over the years by The Hunteress who is sadly (for all of us) retiring soon. We have had lots of conversations around the different areas to involve our Pro- Domming and the digital world. Until around 5 years ago all I ever did was physical sessions. Then she came one time to help me film some promo clips for my site. I enjoyed it so much I decided to do filming on a regular basis and she gave me lots of advice on how to go about that. At the time, and still now, I was never interested in running a members site due to the work involved. I knew first hand from her and other Pro-Domme friends that it was not just as easy as filming and throwing those films on a website and watching the money roll in. To be honest it looked like way more hard work than I was prepared to put in. So I decided clips4sale was the way to go. I film, edit and upload and they generate traffic and process the sales and income. It's about as much work as I want to put into something I'm not getting a lot of feedback on. And therein lies the answer to why I have decided to do MedFet calls. You see I love my sessions, I love getting reactions and I love connecting to people. With the clips over the years I've enjoyed making them and working with other people on the filming but have had no input or feedback mostly from those who buy the clips. 

Back to The Hunteress.  Over the years she has mentioned to me about doing NiteFlirt calls and for some reason I was reluctant. To be fair I think I had some misguided view that it was going to be like a full on 30 second type wank chat type of call and I'd feel rather flat afterwards. I've no idea why I had this view but that in itself had changed over her visits as I was privy to be in the vicinity as she took some calls. To be fair every one of her callers knew she has someone else in the room and on occasion I joined in the call when it was appropriate, say for small penis humiliation...the guy actually got 2 for the price of one, result! 

So I decided recently to dip my toe in the water and see what the temperature felt like. I've been experimenting with the different times of the day I've popped on. Sometimes between sessions, sometimes late at night when I'm relaxing and sometimes whilst I'm doing my admin and the call can break up the monotony. I have actually been rather pleasantly surprised. Firstly I got mail and calls from people whose words were along the lines of  'I've been so happy to see you here as I love all your clips' and 'I can now finally talk to you after all these years of following you' I've been quite blown away by this. I never expected to have 'fans' for want of a better word, get in touch and connect with me. It seems they've been wanting to do this all along. I've had genuine lengthy conversations with people about all sorts of things regarding MedFet from all the types of gas masks I have, all the ones he has to all the vast and encompassing ways to involve bondage in a medical setting, as well as roleplay type calls where Nurse takes charge. It's been fascinating and I'm totally loving it!

I suspect as time goes on my availability will decrease as I get more used to the best times to connect with my patients for their treatments as well as the best times for me to have general MedFet chats. As I've been sat here writing this I've taken a call from a poor patient who needs therapy for his chronic masturbation. It appears there are plenty of patients needing tending to at the clinic!

If you find you're just too far away to get an appointment at the clinic then feel free to give me a call and we can arrange a telephone consultation to decide on the best treatment or therapy. Here is the link to talk all things MedFet with me

Lady Annisa

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