Monday, 23 May 2016

Extending Things

I know I write a lot about bondage. I know some of you who are not into bondage may get bored, tough! I also know that a lot of my pictures show bondage. You get the picture of how much I like bondage. Now I have a confession to make....there is one type of bondage I haven't really immersed myself in (the pun will be revealed just in a moment!)

I haven't done much long term, extended bondage. There I said it. For a bondage lover I feel I've let the side down. However, I've decided to rectify this and make the latter part of 2016 the year of long term bondage. No, I'm not seriously going to put someone in bondage for the rest of the year, stay with me here....I'm just making a conscious effort to do more longer and less interactive bondage. Let me explain why.

I always like to be hands on. I get such a buzz out of getting reactions, whatever they may be from my slaves and playthings. While in bondage they have nowhere to go but to just sit/lie/hang there and take what it is I want to do. Be it poke, prod, torture or torment. I love seeing them react and react against the restraint. I've left my bondage bunnie on occasion for short periods of time, time for them to sink into the bondage and float away if that's the headspace they get from bondage. But the trouble with this is, I get bored, I get too fidgety, I want to be back in there doing bad things to them. This poses a huge challenge for me but it's one I want to overcome. One of my chaps often asks me if I was hyperactive as a child. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was probably quite a lazy child. However as an adult my sessions fire me up and give me energy, and I've got to use that energy one way or another. This usually means getting back in there and getting my hands on some delicate parts of exposed anatomy. As you can see from these pictures, I've not got any bondage shots of people just being left alone. I always feel the need to add something else in. 

However, as I've said I want to challenge myself to see how long I can resist, to see how long I can leave someone without having to do something. Sometimes there is beauty in silence and also beauty in doing nothing.

I've started to incorporate some of this type of bondage in my longer sessions but I'd also be happy to try it as a session in and of itself. Just to be tied up, restrained with whatever feels right and left. Add in some sensory deprivation and I know for sure it would be a headtrip and a half.

So if this appeals, go on help me meet and bust my challenge for the latter part of 2016!

Lady Annisa


  1. This has long been a fantasy of mine in some ways, to be trapped and kept, helpless, but perhaps there is a counterpart to your fidgetiness from the submissive side? Part of the appeal of the thought of long-term confinement is the thought that any moment the door (or lid...) might open and that the captive might be required to serve and submit in new and devious ways, before being returned to the darkness. There is also a delight in imagining, while restrained and helpless, that your tormentor is planning and scheming what happens next - mind games! So I hope you are not planning to give up the poking, prodding and planning entirely, for the sake of keeping your victims on their toes...

  2. This is such a dilemma...the absolute tranquility of being in complete isolation...but without the exquisite input of Lady Annisa...

  3. I hope you're enjoying your road trip Lady Annisa... I've been looking back over your blog and it occurred to me your annual trip is the equivalent of long term isolation bondage for your readers... you leave us alone with only the occasional peek... you're out and about and we're going nowhere, waiting for you to return!

    1. Well I'm now back and the isolation is over. Though for some the wait has been extended!