Monday, 1 February 2016

The Benefits of Genital Shaving

To shave or not to shave, that would be the question if it wasn't so damn obvious that the answer is YES!

So as you can see here I am in my medical clinic giving my patient a pre-op shave. I actually quite enjoy the  act of shaving someones genitals. There is something very trusting about letting a woman, especially one who can be a little bit sadistic at times, loose on the genital area with a (surgical) razor. It can be another act of giving up control, coming out of the comfort zone and just trusting (hoping and praying) she knows what she is doing. Lets face it, there is a lot of saggy skin there and a wide margin for error during this procedure. Is it any wonder most of my patients don't fidget while I'm carrying out this delicate procedure!

Or perhaps they just enjoy the comfort of the shave itself. The warm flannel to loosen the skin, the soft lather of the shaving foam, the methodical way in which the shave is done. Making sure no areas are missed. The caress of the shaving brush over every inch of skin. Now I'm beginning to think that some of you are perverts!

Speaking of that, there is such a service in and of itself. The naked barber, who targets the male gay market has made a niche living from doing what he loves in both sides of his life and combining them. It's and interesting and quite erotic thing to watch. I'm afraid I'm not going to be doing it naked any time soon (or at all) but I'm sure my patients enjoy it none the less!

The benefits for me is that it gives me a nice smooth area in which to work on. Electric pads stick better, the conduction is better when there are no hairs in the way, and lets face it, it's just a little bit more aesthetically pleasing to see a nice smooth shaved area. All the more pleasing on the eye to put needles in, stick in a drip or inflate when everything is smooth and shiny!

I love making this part of my medical sessions. The down side is that there are only a handful of my patients who can have this done for obvious reasons. Plucking the hairs out individually of course is an alternative option, that way it's not so noticeable for a partner to see, and I get to be a bit sadistic too with it. 

As much as I like to make sure the scrotal area is free of hair, one area I still like and enjoy having hair is on the chest. It gives me something to pull on, tweek and torment. I've even been known to pull people about just by the chest hair. Not got any chest hair? No problem, I can give you nipple piercings to pull you about by them. Where there's a will there's a way!

For anyone interested, Here is a link to my clips store to show some shaving clips.

Lady Annisa


  1. Thanks for the insight, very illuminating. I've never been shaved by another but I shave down below once or twice a week and I find it liberating, hygienic and above all visually appealing. I came round to shaving when I thought I prefer my wife's, well you know what shaved and I thought lets encouraged her to go down on a nice shaved shaft... Well it hasn't happened yet... But I'm committed now... And giving both control responsibility to a Domme is an ambition of mine. Thanks again... @irishsubmail :-)

    1. Perhaps there is a lesson in examining motives. The sub who shaves for his Mistress to aid in any of her ministrations has surely got the right mindset as opposed to someone who shaves in the hope of getting more attention in that area.....ha!