Monday, 8 February 2016

It's Not All Bad Medicine You Know!

As some of you know, I had the pleasure of sessioning with the lovely Rebekka Raynor recently. In between beatings and the bad slave ripping off his rubber restraints (well it was a rather sadistic session!) she happened to mention that she'd had a conversation with someone recently who was under the impression that I only conduct medical sessions these days.

I can understand why that misconception has arisen. I do post a lot of medical pictures on twitter and even my blog posts lean heavily towards the medical side. To be honest, over the years my medical session have certainly increased as I've invested more in my clinic. However, I very much still conduct and thoroughly enjoy my other sessions too. 

I was wondering why my pictures give the impression of medical only. One conclusion I came up with is that the sessions themselves can in some ways be quite different. The energy is different. In the dungeon I can be fast paced, moving from one piece of kit to the next as my imagination leads me to try this or that, always delighting in trying something new. Due to that, I seem to take far less pictures in session during these times. In the medical room it's a bit calmer. Medical fetish often dictates that things cannot happen quickly. There is lots of preparation, precision and attention to detail. It's not so full on with the energy. In fact lots of medical fetishists love the slow calm preparations that go into organising the next treatment. This means there is more room for opportunity to take a picture mid session without disturbing the flow of energy and mindset. 

If truth be known, I'd hate to only be known as a Medical Mistress. I love my dungeon. I love the seduction for me and for my visitors. I love the dark energy and devious opportunities it presents which is in contrast to the clean clinical methodical procedures of the clinic. 

So no, I'm not in any hurry to give up my love of latex, my excitement with bondage or my passion for giving pain. And long may it continue!

Lady Annisa


  1. I've always found your medical photos fascinating, probably because I have no talent for - nor inclination toward - that sort of thing. You do it far better than I could, that's for certain. However, I must give a loud BRAVO after hearing that you're not about to "give up my love of latex, my excitement with bondage or my passion for giving pain". Your bondage photos, especially, are among my favorites in the world of blogdom. As a devotee of the same, I'm very glad to hear that you will continue to share your delightful use of rope and chain in the future. Be well and do carry on!

  2. Oh Lady Grey, as I mentioned in the comment above (How long does it take) I totally missed the recent comments, apologies.

    Good to hear from you and so glad you love the bondage pics and blogs. I really must get on with doing some more!