Sunday, 27 December 2015

Well Merry Christmas!

Meet My New House Slave

Thanks for all the Christmas wishes. I've had a mad mental busy time of it and now I have time to stop, chill and eventually blog.

This is a bit of rambling end of the year, beginning of New Year blog. 

Many people asked me what I wanted as a Christmas gift this year. I find this one more difficult as time goes on. Possessions no longer hold the same appeal to me. I have the most amazing amount of kit at my premises and the things I still want are massively expensive (too expensive for a single gift) So this year I decided to say to people to give me amazon gift vouchers (which can be accumulated and go towards the massively expensive purchases) The gift voucher is an easy one especially as it takes no time at all and all you have to do is pop in my email address in the gift recipient box and there you go, I have my gift. However, for those closer to me who really really really wanted to give me a gift this has been harder. That is, until I came up with a fabulous idea that I'm actually really excited about.

I've asked 3 people in my life to give me the gift of their time. I asked for a full day, and in return I will give them a full day of my time. In that day I plan to do a random act of kindness day to pay it forward to those less fortunate. So the day will consist of taking food to the local foodbank, visiting the local hospice with a monetary donation as well as some home made baking. Visiting Social Bite to buy lunch for a homeless person or two and a few other ideas for paying it forward on the day. 

I know that this post totally flies in the face of the stereotype of a professional Dominatrix but I've never claimed to be typical and those who come to see me are more drawn to me because of that. There are many cash loving, pampered princesses out there and if that's your thing then I'd encourage you to totally indulge. It's just not where I am at this stage in my life. Experiences are far more important to me now. I would probably never remember what was bought for me this Christmas, but I will remember spending the day doing nice things for others. The first one of these 3 days will be spent with my slave grumio. I'm sure I'll be able to throw in some very very discreet kink in there somewhere....:)

Talking of kink, I've recently added to my latex collection. I purchased this rather fabulous white latex jacket from Fetters. Isn't it beautiful, and it smells rather gorgeous too!

Looking forward to this year. People have been asking me about any challenges I've got planned. I have one massive, huge, momentous thing planned for next year but can't talk about it just yet until it has been finalised. So watch this space.

One mini challenge I'm going to do is to repeat my running challenge for January.  I ran every day in Jan of this year for a minimum of 3 miles. It was tough, not the distance, but the getting out there in every sort of weather condition (well everything except blistering sunshine obviously!) 

As with last year I'll be raising funds for a designated charity. A member of my family has been in a very serious accident and had to be airlifted to hospital. They are still in intensive care with a severe head injury. Given the rapid response and the excellent care that was shown from the air ambulance team as well as Mountain Rescue any monies raised will go in this direction. So if you want to donate there will be a box at my premises as usual or you can get in touch to tell me how else you'd like to donate. 

So that's about all for this blog. Hope you all have a brilliant New Year and look forward to seeing some of you soon.

Lady Annisa

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  1. I hope that 2017 brings all that you wish for it Lady Annisa. Not sure that was the case for many of us in 2016!