Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Carrot, Stick or.....


What tends to work best?

For one of my regular chaps it appears to be cleavage....ha!

He's been visiting my chambers for a number of years now. I know what his triggers are, and know how far I can push him with pain. I also know that he has a bit of a thing for boobs/breasts/bad boys or whatever you like to call them. The holy grail of course would be to see them naked, uncovered and worship them but hey that's never going to happen.

So this visit I decide to use his love of my upper anatomy to tease him beyond sadistic, whilst causing as much pain as is possible. Thus putting a smile on my face. Perhaps he would enjoy it too....ha!

So we start with 3 sets of nipple clamps and I promise if he can take them then I'd undo 3 clips of my blouse. Sure enough he manages, it's painful but his mind is quickly distracted by the cleavage and the sight of my lace bra under the blouse.

Moving on, another set. This time he really feels it but I move in closer as I slowly undo the next clip.  He's bound tightly to the bondage chair but that doesn't stop him from trying to get his head in closer, perhaps even to worship, but alas it's impossible.

After a few minutes of making sure the clamps were on securely by pulling on them....well you can never be too sure, I decide to go for the full monty and try 5 sets. This time I promise him I'd take my bra off. He's excited beyond belief, but he's not clarified what I meant. Too eager to get to the finish line. So on go the fifth set and he's howling. I'm laughing.

I then blindfold him (I told you he never clarified...!) and proceed to take off my blouse and my bra. For a boobs man this is torture, but I'm kind and place my warm worn bra over his face to let him smell me and my signature perfume. I think he might just have forgotten about the pain. I then replace my blouse but keep it open as far as it was before. I'm fair that way, after all he did do the challenge and did earn the right to have the blouse open that much.

On taking the blindfold off he was a bit disappointed the blouse was back on, but a quick pull on all those nipple clamps sure focused his mind and attention. He pleaded for a bit of nipple view and I've told him, only way for that is to trade nipple for nipple. If he lets me rip off one of his, I'll let him worship one of mine. Fair deal methinks!

He's declined the offer!

Apologies for the poor photography, spending too much time on pics during session can detract from the session itself so I try not to worry too much about what I'm capturing.

Lady Annisa


  1. Lovely! As a devotee of nipple torture and cruel teasing, I applaud your work. After all, the only real purpose of male nipples is to have them clamped for the pleasure of his Queen.

  2. Thank you for your comment Lady Grey. I really must remember to check back for comments.

    I used to think (long time ago now) that male nipples were of no use whatsoever, then I realised how useful they were for even just pulling someone along, moreso if they are pierced....ha. so yes causing pain is their main purpose I'd say!

  3. I have come late to the delights of this particular form of cruelty, but it's now a favourite... although I'm not sure I could cope with five sets of clamps. But your devious motivations are clearly an incentive Lady Annisa! I do enjoy reading how you exert control over your subjects with psychology and cunning...