Thursday, 14 May 2015

Manchester and other Stuff

So another fun trip to Manchester was had.

I've been sessioning at the fabulous premises of Mistress Sheba. There are various different rooms but the ones I've been concentrating on are the medical room and the red bondage room. The red bondage room has everything, and I mean everything you could want to do bad things to a bondage bunnie with. And as it happens I have my own little Manc Bondage Bunnie who has been getting tied up by me for a number of years now, so a change of environment is refreshing and gives me lots of new ideas.

The one draw back from sessioning from someone elses premises is that I come home with lots of ideas for things I want for my place. In particular I tried out quite a number of studio gum bondage hoods, inflatable hoods, body suits etc and have come home with a want list the length of my arm. So much for me saying I wasn't going to buy anything big this year. Added to that I've been watching Miss Miranda and friends from Serious Bondage/Images on their website. The clip shows the studio of Studio Gum and a lot of the latex they don't even have on their site. I could see my friend Miss Miranda was excited at the prospect of some latex retail therapy and who can blame her!

So, back to my Manchester trip. Due to the high demand for my sessions the last trip, I had to turn one or two people down. Therefore, I've decided to make a return trip in May, a month or so earlier than planned. What can I say, all that rubber has got me keen to explore more. So I'll be down for the duration of the 22nd and 23rd May. Do get in touch if you would like to be considered for a session. I think I've probably only got one slot available now...:)

I rather liked this bondage wheel but it was too heavy to try to take home with me!

Lady Annisa

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