Monday, 2 February 2015

Vaginal Weightlifting

I knew that would get some attention!

So here's the story. Someone I know is enjoying doing some vag weight training. I know her well enough now to have had a fairly in depth conversation about her reasons for doing it. I won't go into them here because that's not my story to tell, suffice to say she is embarking on this as a very empowering exercise and to enjoy the benefits of hot sex.

The programme she is doing is run by a very famous vag empowering expert by the name of Kim Anami. There are various different programmes to increase sexual enjoyment and one of them is Vaginal Kung Fu. Having a strong vagina apparently leads to loads of benefits as articulated in This Video.  Sadism being one of them as I quote from Kim's site 'A friend of mine knows a woman in Thailand, who has put three men in the hospital because she does not know her own strength (of her vag I'm assuming!) And while I'm up for causing as much pain as I can at times, my inner sadist, even the vag one would feel I'd crossed a few boundaries doing that just to satiate my sadism!

I know it's all a bit tongue in cheek but it has given me a bit of food for thought.

If your motivation for doing this course is that you want to have screaming orgasms and red hot sex then more power to you as they say. Go for it and become a power lifter!

If your motivation is to help those muscles to aid an existing issue of weakened pelvic floor caused by pushing something the size of a bowling ball out your lady bits, then by all means examine and experiment with every avenue you can, to get your previously enjoyed muscle tone back.

Hell if your motivation is to just be able to do a new party trick or film yourself to sell on Clips4sale then absolutely swing that lead for all it's worth.

However, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. How many women are going to come across this and then start wondering if they have a less than perfect pelvis? Is it just something else for women to worry about, and worry about satisfying a man in that way? If it is then that's sad. It's sad because I've yet to come across a man who worries about his baggy ball sack. And let me tell you in my two careers spanning 20+ years I've come across many a man who could benefit from The Nut Bra! Or in fact could benefit from a stint in my clinic with me, a scalpel and my suture skills.

So, I'm going to start a campaign to free women from this concern and redress the balance. For every woman I hear of who is wondering if her lady bits could do with some strengthening to help please a man, I'll donate the excess skin (surgically removed) from my gentlemen visitors to make a nice purse to keep her money in. The money she will save on buying into worrying about pelvic pertness.

You are perfect the way you are and I'm sure every (decent) man on the planet will concur. Men just love lady bits/vags/pussy/cunt no matter what you call it or their shape or size, full stop!

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