Saturday, 3 January 2015

Making a Christmas Tart

Time has been short lately as I've been having too much fun to write blogs. So I need to rectify that and soon. This offering comes a bit late in the holiday season but still a few days left to enjoy a bit of leisure time.

I certainly enjoyed making this tart. Some of you may know one of my vanilla hobbies is baking, and when I came across a certain kind of rolling pin lately the first thought I had was not how to use it in the kitchen, but how to use it in the dungeon.

So to get the tart ready I started off with getting the ingredients. One slut, one red bra/panties/suspenders set and a few bits of Christmas tinsel and baubles.

Then it was time to hang some added weight to the tart (from the nipples of course)

Next knead the undercarriage, personally I read this as kick, stomp or dig your heels in. All make for a very compliant and easier to manage tart.

Next warm the tart to just above room temperature. A good hand spanking will do.

You can even use the rolling pin at this stage to warm the ass.

Then it's time for a bit of stuffing of the tart. Making sure you have everything at the ready, gloves, lube, condoms etc.

The rest I'll leave to your imagination but suffice to say that I was very pleased with how much of a stuffing the tart took but as with all recipes, it's a bit of trial and error and a work in progress. As we speak I'm on the lookout for a fatter and longer rolling pin.

I'll leave you with this last photograph of the tart's shoes and implement of impaling. As I've mentioned before, I do hate when things don't match so it was important to me that the shoes matched the pin(s)....!

Lady Annisa

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