Sunday, 4 January 2015

Challenges for 2015 and Tribute Increase.

Happy New Year!

It's that time of the year again when everything gets evaluated.

So have you made your New Year's Resolutions yet? Do you even have any?

Mine are quite personal so I'll not add them here but I will divulge that I've given myself quite a few challenges and goals with soul to achieve in 2015.

My big challenge comes in October when I'll be off to foreign climes to do a charity challenge. As part of this challenge I need to raise £3200. So as well as the big challenge I'll be doing mini challenges throughout the year to help my fund raising effort. So if you're bored, fed-up or just plain sick of me asking people to sponsor me then best to stop reading my blogs for the whole of 2015...:)

Incidentally, whilst I'm truly grateful for all the support and sponsor money that people do give me, I in no way expect people to do it and won't hold it against anyone who feels that this just doesn't feel like the best way to give to charity for them, honest!

So for January I've given myself the challenge to get out and run every day in January. Like the 'marcothon' for December but in January. December is far too busy a month for me to contemplate it. So the challenge is to get out and run for 25 minutes or 3 miles, whichever comes first. Day 4 of the challenge and I'm still in there. The distance/time won't be the deciding factor, the motivation to get out there when it's cold and wet will be. However, I'll be spurred on by the fact that people will sponsor me to do it and the satisfaction for me of doing what I set out to do. I'm hoping to raise £200 with this challenge, if I chicken out I'm stating for the record that I personally will put in the £200 as a forfeit. That in itself should motivate me...:)

Oh and as an added bonus for ever person who makes a donation I'll increase your normal booked session time by half an hour....see that's a win win situation. You get more time, I get nearer my target and a charity gets some more funding, actually that's win/win/win...:)

For this to work, it would be helpful if you let me know of your donation intentions at time of booking so I can schedule my day accordingly.

Right time for the other news about my session tribute increasing. All details can be found here on my website. As they say in the adverts, hey I'm worth it!

And lastly,

This pic is totally unrelated but I just really like it so there you go!

Lady Annisa

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