Friday, 5 September 2014

Back and ready to Whack!

Yes I know not very original.

I'm back from my travels all refreshed and enthusiastic for some kink and sadistic adventures. I have missed being involved in my work, which is also my hobby (sneaky Blackadder misquote there for you!) Having said that, there were opportunities to get some ideas as you can see from the torture chamber I visited while away. I'm thinking of one or two of these implements in my cell at some point. I feel my cel has been under used in the last few months so I really need to rectify that situation!

Hopefully my calendar will settle down now after what has been a busy summer and I can get back to my normal sessioning hours and times. Next week though is looking pretty busy as it's my first week back in the swing of things so I only have one session now available.

In other news things at the premises are moving along nicely. I've had some great ideas while I was away. Holidays are required for this reason alone as far as I'm concerned. I get to recharge my batteries and also get to indulge in some creative thinking. Also back on track is my hugely anticipated (by me of course!) bondage box. Fingers crossed that everything comes together in the next week or so for me to finalise the ordering of this.

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  1. These pictures cross over with a particular area of interest of mine- restraints and torments with a medieval flavour. I think I see a scold's bridle and an oubliette as well as the various shackles ... perhaps it's the influence on me of The Black Adder - an early and hopelessly unsuccessful player of the Game of Thrones...