Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Crossdressers of the world, unite and take over!

Thank you to those who have been in touch to comment on how much they enjoy the blog. I told you I wasn't giving up, just being busy elsewhere. So I'm still extremely busy. I do have some previously written blogs that I'll drip feed you all while I'm too engrossed elsewhere to write new stuff. On that note, the stuff I'm involved with is getting more and more exciting, unfortunately I cannot reveal any more as I am under legal obligation not to say another word....oh I love being a dark horse!

On the subject of writing I think I'm now up to date with my emails but if you're still waiting on a reply from me and not heard anything then send another email as things sometimes get overlooked or get lost in the ether.

Now onto the blog proper!

I've said in the past that I have a very visual memory. Which is good, because if I didn't then I'd have no memory to speak of. However, apart from aiding my memory it adds to my kink. I've been told in the past that I have a very male perspective in that way. The older I'm getting though the more I like to steer away from gender stereotyping, or perhaps it's not age it's the amount of men I see in panties that helps me steer away from thinking of anything being gender specific.

Due to the visuals being a big part of the thrill for me, certain things have to be a certain way. This is where I have an affinity with a fetishist who needs something done/said/looking a certain way (even though I'm not the person to do it for you, I still understand the need for it)  I know what I like, and if it's not right then it just doesn't have the feel good factor for me.

Cross dressing is one area that the finished visuals have got to be just right to please me. I'm never one to be happy with mismatching underwear, not colour co-ordinated or ill fitting lingerie. It spoils it for me. I know a lot of people are not too bothered, it's more about the feel of the fabric, the headspace of submitting, or even the humiliation of looking bad in the outfit. But I don't get any satisfaction from that. I much prefer when everything is matching, everything is colour co-ordinated and the person in front of me looks the best version of a slut/sissy/cross dresser or whatever they identify as, that they can be. It pleases me, and more and more of my time these days is spent in the headspace of pleasing me while getting the needs of my slut/sissy or cross dresser met too! I have to be happy at my work or it just aint working.

I have a ritual for dressing my sluts. It's been written about in this blog in the past by one of my loyal sluts. I make no secret of the fact I like to slowly dress my sluts, taking time to run the soft satiny fabric over their skin, helping them into the underwear. Delicately fixing their stockings and straightening their seems if applicable. It's all part of the theatre and drama for me to build up my enjoyment and excitement in having my slut transformed in front of my eyes.

So here are a few pics of a recent session with my pdas (he knows what it stands for) looking fabulous in his red outfit, even the gloves and hood had to be red. I've taken a few more recently but for some reason I've lost my photo folder. I've probably just forgotten where I put it. I told you my memory is shocking....

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