Thursday, 10 April 2014

Quick Update Before Radio Silence

Well what a fun time I've had of late, busy busy busy.

Last week saw the end of my anal trials with a fabulous and willing anal slut which means that I'm more than happy with my new F machine and what it can do, and how best to do it! I just need to stop myself buying bigger and wider vac-u-lock attachments, but I've been good so far. Mostly because I've been so busy.

At the weekend I did an enjoyable fetish photo shoot with my amazing photographer who always makes me laugh so much I have to redo my make up. Having said that, you don't get to see much of my face so I needn't have worried.

Then Monday it was off to London again with a case full of latex and nurses outfits to do filming sessions with the amazingly wicked and creative Mistress Miranda of Hanwell.  We had a variety of patients booked in for the day so we were never bored and kept those patients on their toes. Below is a pic of a rather lovely gentleman who didn't manage to book into the clinic the last time I was down so we made sure he was first on the waiting list when I scheduled to return. Given how fierce we were with the needle therapy I've been reassured already by him that hardly a mark is showing and everything is back to normal. Maybe we should go for more next time. For the record this time it was 265 in total.

Now for the radio silence, well I might just be feeling like being a bit more enigmatic for a while. Firstly my websites URL for both sites are in the process of changing from .com to  If you are looking for my website and get a dead link it's just because tinternet is in the process of catching up. I've not died honestly. Having said that, I do envisage less session time, less in the way of tweets, no blogs, I may have time to answer session enquiries but no social emails unfortunately. If all that leaves you feeling like you need a little bit of an Annisa fix well then you're just going to have to go cold turkey or buy some of my clips to keep you busy until I've got time for you.

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