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I've wanted to write about enema treatments for a while and now seems like a good time after recently advertising for an anal slut to help with some anal treatment trials.

I have to clarify first for anyone who may be confused. I've been looking for someone who can try out a new piece of equipment namely my f machine but the person I'm looking for needs to be able to take a decent amount of stretching in the anal department.  I've got one or two massive attachments I want to use and to see the best speeds and depths to use them at. Some people have been confused and wondered if this was a filming opportunity. Unfortunately it's not, but should still be fun none the less.

So that brings me onto enemas. I've got years and years and even more years than I care to remember of experience with enemas. There are two basic types of enema given. These fall into either given for mechanical purposes or for medicinal purposes. Let me talk a bit about both types and why I like to differentiate.

Firstly as I like to call it the mechanical reasons for enemas. These are administered to clear out the bowel either due to constipation or when a clear bowel is required. This would be the case for example when a camera or biopsy needle is introduced to the area, it makes sense that the bowel is clear of any faecal matter. These enemas usually work fairly quickly at expelling bowel content but may need repeated doses to do a thorough clear out.

The second type is for medicinal purposes when some substance is introduced into the rectum which will benefit the recipient in some manner. As the bowel absorbs liquid it readily absorbs drugs and other substances very quickly thus giving a faster uptake into the system.

There is of course a time and a place for both enemas. In my clinic setting I am more interested in administering the second type of enema which I'll elaborate on in a moment. I don't indulge in enemas for mechanical clear out purposes. I don't find anything erotic or enjoyable about administering an enema to a full and impacted bowel. I also don't find the ensuing clear up procedure at all enthralling. However, if enema treatment is on the care plan of the day this part is essential.  It is essential that the first type of enema is used to enable me to have a clean and clear bowel to administer to. This is where the responsibility lies with the patient. He has to have done his preparation work before I will administer any type of medicinal enema. Disposable enema preparations can be bought over the counter and used quite effectively at home prior to the clinic attendance. If I have a clear bowel to start  with then the treatments are going to be more effective.

Now that I've talked about what is essential to make an enema enjoyable let me talk about what actually makes the procedure enjoyable for both me and my clinic patients.

Different types of enemas of course produce different treatment results. I like the erotic connotations of filling someone up, invading them on a very personal level. This can get even more personal when the enema fluid has been produced personally by me. Here are an example of some personal and not so personal medications I administer.

1.A piss enema is of course at the exact body temperature so feels warming and comforting. I like to remind my patients that they will be carrying a part of me about with them for the rest of the day, no matter how much they expel, they will still have absorbed some of my liquid.

2. A coffee enema again can be produced to the exact body temperature and be as caffeine loaded as I feel like on the day. If you've ever had your pulse race due to caffeine overload then this gives you a hit ten times faster.

3. Good old fashioned soap and water enemas can be as mild or cramping as I feel like on the day. Liquid castile soap is good for getting the right amount. If I feel you need a bit more pain and discomfort with your enema then this will be on the treatment plan. Like all other forms of pain, either experiencing or watching this can be quite erotic and enthralling. Having the nurse in control of when and how you expel the contents as well as how much discomfort you are in can be quite a turn on. Then again, if you're made to wear a nappy afterwards it may not be, but it will be highly amusing for me.

4. Alcohol enemas, used cautiously I'm sure you can imagine the effects it can have. Given again that the effects of any substance taken this way happen at a much faster rate than when taken orally. I normally don't indulge in these due to the unpredictability of the alcohol and absorption rate.

Of course there are many more preparations that can be used for erotic enema administration, imagination is everything. However, if you've haven't done your own preparation, then I won't be administering any preparation other than giving you your marching orders!

And on that note, here is a lovely picture of Mistress Miranda and I enjoying ourselves with a nicely prepared anal slut.

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