Monday, 10 February 2014

New Additions - F Machine and others!

I promised some new kit in the New Year and here it is, some small, and some not so small.

Firstly I managed to procure a reclaimed patient stretcher. This doubles really well as not just a medical stretcher, but also a nice bondage board and suspension aid. All good fun as you can see from the pictures. I've not yet got a picture of it completely suspended, we'll both have to just have patience for that.

Next are a few nipple toys, hardly anything to write home about but still they are worth mentioning. A nice bundle of nipple clamps with lovely aesthetically pleasing red rubber tips, ok I suppose the rubber tips are useful for not biting your nipples off completely....but that added bonus is hardly on my radar! Next a set of nipple suckers, these it has to be said are brilliant when they work. Not everyone has the anatomy to get a nice even suction around the areola but when they work boy do they suck the life out of those poor unsuspecting nipples!

Lastly, and by no means least, is my new F Machine. Some people really don't like machines and anything mechanical. Personally I love them, especially ones with moving parts, the more moving parts the sexier as far as I'm concerned. I once saw a brand new cherry picker in action and got quite excited while watching the sleek movement of all the shiny metal, but that's another story and far be it for me to digress. So back to the F Machine. Within an hour of having it delivered, I had it build and tested. On this occasion there was certainly 'no fucking about' and I was pleased at how well it worked, in a very mechanical sort of way!

And here is another video if you don't mind your ears bleeding from the cheesy porn actress voice!

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