Thursday, 5 December 2013

Public Play


For some this title has probably conjured up images of fetish clubs and being whipped mercilessly in front of a crowd. Whilst I've had a taste of doing that, mostly abroad, I'm much more in favour of subtle D/s whilst out in public.

Getting to whip someone, hang things from their balls or invade them quite intimately is something I get to do lots of. What I don't get to do lots of is D/s in a normal environment. I manage to indulge, just not as much as I would like. Mainly because many of my visitors are married and the risk of being seen in public with someone other than their significant other can be too daunting. When I do get the chance for a submissive to accompany me out in public, and for me to take him exactly where I want to go, then I relish it.

The build up usually starts at my premises when he is fitted with some suitable attire. that can be anything from slut panties, to cock ring, to chastity device, even a corset under his clothing. Recently I took one of my special sluts to the Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh. I wanted to see this exhibition  A Woman Without Secrets by the late Louise Bourgeois. It's a fascinating exhibition incorporating many of her differing types of works from needlework to sculptures and paintings. I could see lots of fetish and D/s undertones in her work but I think that might be just how my mind wanders a lot of the time. Seeing exposed male anatomy on one of the suspended figures had me wishing I had some clamps and weights to attach. I had to contain myself until it was time to use my slut back at my premises. For not only was I enjoying the exhibition, I was enjoying the company of my male slut, who was amusing me by showing signs of physical enjoyment as I whispered to him what I was going to do to him once I got him back there. Spending a few hours in glorious anticipation of what is to come has got to get the pulse rate rising and the blood pressure creeping up. Certainly his face flushed somewhat when I pointed out to him how obvious his physical enjoyment of my power over him was. Nobody of course was paying any attention to either one of us. We just looked like an ordinary couple, enjoying some quality time together.

I've never been a fan of drawing attention to myself in a fetish or D/s context. I never want to make others suspicious, or feel uncomfortable. Of course making my slut feel uncomfortable within the confines of his head is all part of the fun, but serious unwanted attention is not my intention. I plan to make him squirm, I plan to make him blush but I never plan to publicly humiliate him. Even if that is his desire, it's never going to happen with me, what we do is for our knowledge and consent alone. I enjoy the secrecy, the thrill and the excitement of knowing nobody else is aware of his predicament. There are many ways to make someone squirm without anyone else being any the wiser, and that just adds to the fun. Even something as simple as choosing his courses when we go to dinner or instructing him on what to wear can add to a lovely dinner date. With the festive season upon us I've got quite a few dinner and lunch dates organised, I just need to decide who I'm teasing and who I'm tormenting and who i'm doing both to!

Lady Annisa
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  1. I agree completely with your approach to public displays, or the lack thereof. It's much more titillating to know that one's sub is feeling your control without anyone else being aware of it, as opposed to some attention-getting display. I particularly enjoy using nipple clamps on my husband under a shirt/sweater/jacket outfit, especially when in mixed company with a vanilla couple. Dancing with him while rubbing against those hidden clamps, or hugging him often during the evening results in the pain/pleasure effect that excites both of us. Teasing him with little whispered tidbits of what awaits back home adds to my enjoyment, especially when those pants bulge out and he tries desperately to hide it.

    So easy, so intimate, so secretly pleasurable. The possibilities are endless, as I'm sure you know. Thank you for a delightful entry.

  2. Thank you Lady Grey for your comments. Hope you both had a wonderful Christmas,

  3. I was looking back over some of your older posts, Lady Annisa, and remembered enjoying this one. This sort of public, secret submission really appeals - not because of any exhibitionistic streak at all, but because suddenly the boundaries of control and submission are suddenly much greater... the squirming and blushing enough to demonstrate that the control is total, I'm sure...!

  4. Also, I would love to read more accounts of your adventures outside your chambers, without giving away your devious secrets of course!