Thursday, 14 November 2013

Rogues Gallery

It's been too long since I've done one of these so here goes!

I've had real problems uploading these pics and have been getting extremely frustrated! Due to that there is a real mash up of old and new in here given I was trying all sorts to see what, if anything, made a difference IE pic size or picture location. The uploading appeared all very random so here is my mash up of sessions...oh and a random one of my bum!


Lady Annisa
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  1. A lovely collection! I especially liked the next-to-last photo with its many points of attachment. I couldn't tell if there were nipple clamps involved with chains from the wrists attached - a nice touch if there were - and just what is that doodad jutting out from his left wrist restraint? One must admire the lengths you go to to achieve such pretty photos. Well done!

  2. So sorry I seemed to have missed you comment Lady Grey. There were no nipple clamps on at this stage but I did add in one or two other things. I must look out the other pictures from that session. The little doodad jutting out is a padlock. Each metal restraint had a small silver padlock in situ holding him in...:)