Saturday, 17 August 2013

Mediocrity melts my mind!

I've got a few things running through my mind at the moment that I want to blog about, they are all loosely related so I'm going to try to put them all into one big mish mash of a blog and see how it turns out.

Despite being busy I've been struck by my lack of bondage bunnies to session with lately. I love bondage, it's a passion and an art. One that I'd say I'm probably more passionate about than artistic but I'm always looking to improve, but I need my bondage bunnies to do it. I fear they've all gone on a sabbatical! I'm wondering if it's because I've been blogging more and tweeting more of my medical antics lately and therefore bondage bunnies think my passions have waned in that area or just that anyone looking at my blog or twitter feed would be forgiven for thinking I'm more drawn to medical myself.

Getting my new medical site up and running, filming clips for my medical clips4sale store, and generally upgrading the medical room has taken all my energy and spare time this year, but hey I don't want to be mediocre. I want to excel. That's not to say that my passions for other things have dipped, no no no! I'm more than ever drawn to my other loves of all things involving bondage and/or latex.

This is where I make the reference to mediocrity. I try to avoid it in my life. Like the old cheesy song from Natasha Beddingfield lyrics suggest

If you're gonna jump, then jump far, fly like a sky diver
If you're gonna be a singer, then you better be a rockstar
If you're gonna be a driver, then you better drive a race car
'Cause I'm looking for a guard dog, not buying a chihuahua

When it comes to bondage, the more extreme, the longer time we have, the more we can immerse ourselves in the moment, the more I can take away your freedom the better it is for us both. I want extreme bondage to satisfy me. I love nothing more than gradually intensifying, moment by moment, your restriction and confinement. I love to see you sink into that place that only bondage can take you, and I love being there with you. These sessions are sometimes the more quieter of my sessions, I'm more focussed and intent on getting the balance right, adding more and more to the atmosphere and building the intensity. The usual laughing light hearted me is suppressed while I get in top space and thoroughly immerse myself in your predicament. 

Staying with mediocrity, I had an approach recently from someone not really suited to my style of Domming. I politely replied that I didn't think we were suited, that he may well be better to approach someone else more his style and gave him some pointers. He replied asking for some more in depth information as to why he wasn't suitable. This happened to drop in my inbox at a time I was not online, then followed another 3 or 4 emails with him getting angrier and angrier as to why I had the audacity to refuse him. The first thing to note here is how well my screening process works. I was right to turn this person down, he was definitely not someone I was going to have a great time with. However, forgetting his attitude, I had turned him down because I felt that we would not have an absolute fantastic time. That's what's the most important thing to me, that we both enjoy the session equally. If you come along and have a great time but I'm bored rigid, then I'm not interested in repeating that scenario. If I have a great time but you're bored then I'm obviously not the right Mistress for you. If however we both have a great time then that's what counts....not how much money I could earn from seeing you, not how often you could come and line my pocket, not how easy a session it would be. None of these things matter to me. I do not need mediocre sessions to pay my mortgage, the fabulous ones do that quite nicely and with lots more fun.

In my personal life I like to live life to the max (with down time in between obviously) but going through a life of mediocrity is a life not worth living in my book. I'm not about to do it any time soon in my Professional Life.

So here are a few recent bondage shots, not the best as they were taken on my phone. They don't really do justice to what's going on so let me explain. He has on a rubber cat suit. Over that there is a pair of bondage shorts with an added panel at the front for access via 2 side zips. Over that he has on the heavy latex body harness. His hands are secured in leather bondage mitts. He is lying on the bondage rack with the 4 extra secure leather bondage straps securing him to the bench. He has under the hood a rather large ball gag, and of course a leather full bondage hood on top with no eyes or mouth holes....fab!

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  1. Oh you are many things but mediocre, never. Certainly the most intense and enjoyable bondage session ever was in a leather sleepsack in Edinburgh.