Thursday, 11 July 2013

What do you see?

I had an interesting conversation with someone a few weeks ago. He's been to see me fairly regularly over the years so we've gotten to know each other pretty well. He had been looking at my medical clips for sale site which in itself had interested me as medical fetish is so far removed from where our sessions go I hadn't envisaged he would look at the medical clips. He did in fact admit that it was not his thing and couldn't understand it, hence he wanted to get a bit more of an insight into it.

He mentioned that some of the medical clips are far more extreme than he had imagined. He was a bit shocked at some of the more extreme stuff. I guess people who come to see me see one aspect of me, the aspect that we particularly connect in, be that Cp, bondage or latex. Despite not ever trying or wanting to be all things to all people, like all good Dommes, I am more than one dimensional.

I realise that even the medical fetishists who look at my clips might be wary of sessioning thinking I only do the extreme stuff. However, what has to be pointed out is that the extreme clips are always going to be the most popular ones. Those are the ones that people like to view because it might just be a step too far for themselves, but they are curious. They get to indulge without going through the actual act itself.

Here are some pics of a fairly intense medical scene. The first pic is the normal shot of inflated ball sac and catheter with electrics. The second one is a rather cool backlit shot of the same set up taken with the lights dimmed and a pen-torch up against the sac......well I think it's cool anyway. Remember boys and girls, no balls were permanently harmed in the making of this shot!

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